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The Astrology of 'Nothing' - Part 5 of 5: Cast Relationships

I am a big fan of the show “Seinfeld” and I can’t get enough of the syndicated episodes even though it has been off the air for over a decade. I literally cannot go a day without recalling an episode triggered by my daily life experiences. As an astrologer, I am bursting with curiosity as to how the characters’ fictional birth charts may look.

I love to speculate on the planetary configurations of the people I meet when there is a distinct personality trait that stands out. I do a decent job at guessing people’s astrological make-up but most of the time I am incorrect. Ultimately, astrology is just too complex to allow for such simple extrapolations based on a few personality characteristics.

But I thought it would be interesting to at least attempt to sum up the basic astrological make-up of the four main characters (Jerry, Elaine, George, & Kramer) of “Seinfeld”. This analysis is complete conjecture as there is no way of actually knowing the astrological make-up of a set of fictional characters. But over this series of articles (5 parts), I will explore my assessment of the ‘Big Three’ (Sun, Moon, & Ascendant) for each of the four main characters. I will also discuss how these configurations play out in their collective relationship as well as in their individual relationships. For simplicity, I will use the ‘Whole House’ system of astrology.


Part 5 of 5: Cast Relationships

Jerry & George

Jerry sees George as both a fun friend (George’s Moon in Jerry’s 5th house) and a potential business partner (George’s Sun in Jerry’s 10th house). Considering they have been friends since high school and that they joined forces to work on the pilot for NBC, both of these assessments seem to fit.

George sees Jerry as a confidant for both his daily analytical musings (Jerry’s Moon in George’s 1st house) and his ‘big-picture’ perspective (Jerry’s Sun in George’s 12th house). One of the most obvious dynamics of the show is the relationship between these two with regards to their painstaking detailed accounts of daily life (Virgo Moon/Virgo Ascendant connection). Also, George is often enlightened through conversations with Jerry regarding the big picture aspects of his life (i.e. the day George creates a ‘pact’ with Jerry to change their lives and get married).

George’s Libra Moon is also in a favorable position to Jerry’s Sun in Leo and Ascendant in Gemini suggesting an easy friendship. George is somewhat of a ‘fan’ of Jerry in a way, so much so that he actually dated a woman who bore a striking physical resemblance to Jerry.

Jerry & Elaine

Jerry sees Elaine as both a friend (Elaine’s Moon in Jerry’s 11th house) and a potential life partner (Elaine’s Sun in Jerry’s 7th house). Jerry and Elaine just seem like a natural couple and yet there is a keen awareness of their lighthearted friendship and romantic boundaries as well. On more than one occasion their romance has started up only to fizzle back into a friendship.

Elaine sees Jerry as a source of security (Jerry’s Sun in Elaine’s 2nd house) and as an ear to listen to her (Jerry’s Moon in Elaine’s 3rd house). Jerry’s Leo Sun actually completes a Grand Trine in fire signs with Elaine’s Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Aries. This gives Elaine a feeling of completeness with Jerry. Also, note how she reacted to learning how much money Jerry was making (i.e. when he was buying his father a Cadillac). It certainly stimulated her sense of security and rootedness within her own fiery nature.

Also note that they both have fire Suns which creates an inner sense of resonance while their Moons are out of harmony. She is honest and quick to react regarding her feelings while he is a ‘closed book’ and takes practical action regarding his feelings. This is one of the reasons they remain friends instead of lovers.

Jerry & Kramer

Jerry sees Kramer as someone who offers alternative philosophical outlooks (Kramer’s Sun in Jerry’s 9th house) as someone with whom he shares a day-to-day domestic routine (Kramer’s Moon in Jerry’s 6th house). Jerry and Kramer are often in discussion and disagreement over Kramer’s new ideas or suggestions for solutions to problems (i.e. the US Postal Service ‘write-off’ and the Michigan can redemption attempt). Kramer also enlightened Jerry on the ills of marriage after Jerry was contemplating making serious changes in his life (i.e. “….they’re prisons, Jerry!”). Kramer’s constant presence in Jerry’s apartment also irks yet somehow comforts Jerry who prefers his domestic abode to be predictable (Jerry’s Virgo Moon in his 4th house). This conflict can be seen on both ends of the spectrum. For example, this can be seen when Jerry attempted to bill Kramer for his consumption of food but on the flip side as well when Jerry was upset with Kramer for not being home at a decent hour to eat chicken after getting a new job.

Kramer sees Jerry as both a fun friend (Jerry’s Sun in Kramer’s 5th house) as well as a part of his day-to-day routines (Jerry’s Moon in Kramer’s 6th house). Kramer is constantly indulging in his spontaneous self and goes along with Jerry on whatever trip or excursion he suggests (i.e. going to the Bronx to remove fliers off of George’s car). He certainly sees Jerry as someone who can lead him to fun. And just like with Jerry, Kramer has emotional investment in their domestic arrangement. They are both quite comfortable with their set-up no matter how irksome it gets for either one of them.

Their Moons are in a pleasant aspect to each other suggesting that their domestic set-up can work for them. Their Suns are in opposition which is reflected in the way that they constantly argue about what direction to take with certain matters. Also, Jerry’s Leo Sun can sometimes be taken off guard by Kramer’s Scorpio Moon. Jerry, who needs to be loved and the center of attention can sometimes suddenly feel excommunicated by Kramer without warning (i.e. the Bette Midler incident, the ‘outing’ in the newspaper, Jerry’s disgust for one of Kramers girlfriends, and Kramer’s quick response to a hypothetical question regarding turning him into authorities if he murdered somebody). Kramer can cut Jerry out of his life without a second thought.

George & Elaine

George sees Elaine as someone who stirs his deepest emotions (Elaine’s Sun in George’s 4th house) and forces him to show up honestly and authentically in life (Elaine’s Moon in George’s 8th house). Elaine’s fiery and authentic presence can’t stand George’s self-deprecation and constant deception and thinks nothing of revealing George for all that he is (i.e. impulsively throwing George’s toupee out of Jerry’s window). If George could gain more confidence to be himself, he would see that Elaine’s honest assessment of his character can serve as a launching pad for his own confidence and comfort. Also, the manikin that looked exactly like Elaine and Elaine’s sexy voiceover recording were very sexually stimulating to George (Her Moon in his 8th house).

Elaine sees George as someone who offers alternative philosophical outlooks (George’s Sun in Elaine’s 9th house) and as someone who triggers her emotions (George’s Moon in Elaine’s 4th house). George and Elaine battle over philosophic preferences in a similar way that Jerry and Kramer battle. For example, when George and Elaine were discussing their lie to tell Susan so George could meet with Marisa Tomei, Elaine was getting frustrated with George for not letting any of her ideas into the discussion. Also, Elaine blows up emotionally as a reaction to George much more than she does with Kramer or Jerry. He certainly stimulates her emotional intensity (i.e. pulling his hat brim over hisface, tossing his toupee out the window, etc.).

George & Kramer

George sees Kramer as a part of his daily routine (Kramer’s Sun in George’s 6th house) as well as a confidant for discussing day-to-day issues (Kramer’s Moon in George’s 3rd house). There’s no doubt that Kramer is a constant presence in George’s life whenever he visits with Jerry. There’s also a ‘helpmate’ kind of image that George sees in Kramer. For example, George hired Kramer to cover as a dermatologist (Dr. Van Nostrand) so as to examine Mr. Krueger’s skin.

Kramer sees George as someone with whom he shares mutual emotional support (George’s Moon in Kramer’s 7th house) and as someone who opens up his ‘big-picture’ aspect of life (George’s Sun in Kramer’s 12th house). Recall that it was Kramer that supported George when he decided to start wearing a toupee. The instance mentioned in the above paragraph was also a show of support by Kramer for George. Kramer has been awakened to larger parts of life through his interaction with George as well. For example, it was through George that Kramer became aware of Frank Costanza’s holiday known as “Festivus”.

Their Suns are in ‘side-by-side’ signs as well as their Moons. George and Kramer are very different individuals but they can find harmony with each other as each of their Suns is in an easy aspect to their respective Moons. You’ll never confuse these two but when they work together they can find ways to create new things.

Elaine & Kramer

Elaine sees Kramer as a wake-up call to make changes in her habits (Kramer’s Sun in Elaine’s 8th house) and as someone who is a source of fun and good times (Kramer’s Moon in Elaine’s 5th house). Elaine has a habit of making quick judgments. For example, she rejected Kramer’s idea for the coffee table book about coffee tables only to find that her boss had wished she could come up with such an idea. Also, Kramer put her in her place as far as her dancing skills are concerned. Kramer is also a source of fun for Elaine and she even contemplated having a casual affair with him just to appease her starving brain during a bout of celibacy.

Kramer sees Elaine as someone who offers an alternative philosophic outlook (Elaine’s Sun in Kramer’s 9th house) and as someone who he can get into hot water with when making mutually impulsive decisions (Elaine’s Moon in Kramer’s 1st house). The disagreement over the coffee table book is a good example of a philosophic battle over ideas. Impulsively jumping into a dog-knapping scheme together as well as impulsive words and actions involved with Elaine’s bicycle are examples of how they got themselves in trouble by not thinking things through.

With the bicycle incident, Elaine impulsively stated that she would give her bike to the first person that could fix her neck (Moon in Aries). Kramer responded with equal haste as he adjusted her neck without agreement (Ascendant in Aries). They then found themselves in need of a mediator to settle the matter. This fiery connection between these two often results in arguments since haste is usually a part of anything they get into together and because they both want to be ‘the winner’. Remember also Kramer’s hasty support of Elaine’s endeavor to run the Jay Peterman catalogue. However, the sextile aspect between their Sun energies creates an easy ability for friendship to form between them.

Group Dynamics

-Their Moons represent all 4 elements (fire, air, earth, and water). This allows the audience to feel the full spectrum of human emotion and reaction through each of the characters.

-Jerry is the only character without water energy in his basic pieces. There was an entire episode that dealt with Jerry’s inability to express emotion which is represented by this lack of water energy.

-Elaine is the only character without air energy in her basic pieces. In one episode she grew tired of the same old discussions and interactions with the gang and found a group of ‘bizarro’ friends with which to join. Unfortunately, her fiery nature was a bit too much for this new group of friends to handle.

-George is the only character without fire energy in his basic pieces. George is so uninspired that he spent a significant amount of time living with his parents and trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. His only moments of inspiration are spurred on by interactions with his fiery friends like Jerry. For example, his decision to ask Susan to marry him was based on an inspiring conversation with Jerry.

-Kramer and Elaine both lack earth energy in their basic pieces. Kramer certainly has his head in the clouds and has trouble manifesting his many ideas. Elaine projects these qualities in herself onto Kramer (i.e. calling him a ‘hipster doofus). But in reality, Elaine has just as much trouble keeping her life organized and getting things successfully accomplished (i.e. when she had trouble running the Jay Peterman catalogue).

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Part 4 of 5: Kramer

This assessment is just my personal take on the energies of the “Seinfeld” cast and their interactions. I am sure there are dozens of potential views on these energies. But there is no way to actually prove or disprove my suggestions for these fictional characters.

So what is your take?

Thanks for reading!

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