Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Saturn into Sagittarius - Mercury Retrograde in Libra - Jupiter in Virgo Opposite Neptune in Pisces

From Wednesday through Friday, THREE major astrological shifts are occurring! 

(1) Saturn finishes in Scorpio until 2041 and enters Sagittarius through Dec 2017
(2) Mercury turns retrograde in Libra (Sep 17 - Oct 9) 
(3) Jupiter in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces (a cycle that initiated in 2009).

We are FINISHED with the karmic 'closet-cleaning' experience that has lasted almost 3 years as we've been digging DEEP to uncover our darkest and most PAINFUL aspects of SELF-destruction so that we can now LIVE according to our personal TRUTH without FEAR! Like Andy Duphresne in "The Shawshank Redemption" (1994), we have now ALL 'crawled through a river of shit' and come 'out clean on the other side'. And if we have made it this far, CONGRATS!..Saturn leaves Scorpio on Thursday evening not to return until 2041!

And symbolically so, the Moon spends Wednesday morning through Friday evening in the sign of Scorpio as well, almost as if it is serving as the FINAL sweep of the closet that has now been THOROUGHLY cleaned and which is ready to be utilized in a more APPROPRIATE manner for the rest of our journeys going forward.

Back in mid-late 2009, Jupiter joined Neptune in Aquarius to initiate the latest Jupiter/Neptune cycle of EXPANDED IDEALS for the FUTURE and for our unique offering and PLACE in the world. We had high HOPES and were riding almost 'magical' waves of synchronicity and opportunity that were presented to us at that time. And when Uranus entered Aries in 2010, our CONFIDENCE in our unique offerings SURGED as we looked for ever more outlets and opportunities to contribute. What exciting times they were!

However, the square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn from June 2012 through April 2015 combined with Saturn in Scorpio from October 2012 through September 2015 represented a time of collective RESTRUCTURING as well as personal SOUL SEARCHING where PROGRESS was halted in exchange for PREPARATION for a new phase. So, the CONFIDENCE and MAGIC that fueled and INSPIRED us onward in 2009 and 2010 has seemed to have been 'cut-off' from our own personal ACCESS over the past several years leaving us QUESTIONING our intuitive and creative impulses.

As FRUSTRATING and DEMORALIZING as these past few years may have been for some of us, this time has actually served a purpose. Back in 2009-2010, we were merely caterpillars who were DREAMING of LIVING as butterflies. And now with Jupiter in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces and CULMINATING their cycle that initiated back in 2009 and with Saturn moving into Sagittarius, these dreams ARE beginning to MATERIALIZE as we are starting to DO the things in our lives that are aligned with our own personal TRUTHS!

Just like with the caterpillar that MORPHS into a butterfly, we too have had to enter a CHRYSALIS and TRUST that melting into unrecognizable 'goo' would lead to our eventual TRANSFORMATION into the butterfly lives that we had CREATED with our THOUGHTS and INTENTIONS back in 2009-2010!

And with all of the WAITING, disappointment and potential CAVING in to our ideals that may have occurred over the past few years, PATIENCE may be at a premium just now. Yes, it can feel like we have WINGS or that we are finally FREE from prison and that we want to do ALL of the things that we had only dreamed of several years ago, but it’s important to remember that Rome was NOT built in a day!

Virgo is an energy associated with DAILY practice and taking EVERY STEP...CAREFULLY and deliberately! And with last weekend's first Solar Eclipse in Virgo since Regulus entered Virgo in 2012 combined with Jupiter's presence in Virgo from August 2015 through September 2016, Venus' stationary retrograde on Regulus in Virgo back in July, Venus' pending rendezvous with Mars in Virgo in early November and finally the shift of the Moon's north node into Virgo in late November through the spring of 2017, I would say that the message is clear regarding the style of MANIFESTING our dreams...SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE!!

Rather than losing our patience, let's choose to be GRATEFUL that we have the OPPORTUNITY to savor EVERY step along the way toward our IDEALS! If we never lose SIGHT of our dreams and we are CAREFUL to ensure that every seemingly SMALL step that we choose to take is oriented toward the APPROPRIATE direction, then we will bear WITNESS to the FORMATION of our own CREATIONS from the ground-up!

And there is no need to WORRY about the actual TIME that this may require of us. Butterflies operate on a different time and space REALITY than caterpillars. And as CERTIFIED ‘butterflies’, we are no longer required to commit to one tree to CRAWL toward and CLIMB each tree to the end of each branch that we are also committed to in order to score a leafy lunch to which we are LIMITED. Instead, we can FLOAT effortlessly from leaf to leaf and CHOOSE from an abundance of both tree AND leaf options that serve our intentions…while looking BEAUTIFUL in the process! Taking step-by-step DELIBERATE action toward our ideals doesn’t sound so onerous anymore now does it? :)

Alright, so all of this talk about being CAREFUL and taking our time to CREATE our dreams more appropriately leads me to the last energetic aspect of this VERY important week. Yes, Mercury (the ruler of Virgo!) turns retrograde in Libra from Sep 17 through Oct 9. And the TIMING couldn’t be more appropriate!

All Mercury retrogrades are periods for RE-doing, RE-thinking, RE-viewing and RE-adjusting EVERYTHING in our lives! As Mercury moves in retrograde motion, the ILLUSION OF SEPARATION is temporarily dissolved and we are simultaneously INVITED to RE-connect to the universe and all of its abundance of possibilities. This is why our connection devices such as phones, computers, automobiles etc. can be apparently DISRUPTED. They only SEEM to be less than functional because we were never really separated in the first place and therefore never REQUIRED these devices to make our connections!

Specifically speaking, this retrograde of Mercury will occur in the sign of Libra. Therefore, most of our RE-adjusting during this period will be associated with our RELATIONSHIPS and how we PRESENT ourselves to others. We will be RE-negotiating the terms within which we operate with others. For the next few weeks it will also be important that we OPEN up and LISTEN to the feedback from others and perceive it as a RE-flection of our self-presentation. We have the opportunity to learn A LOT about ourselves in the process.

It will also be important for us to ASSESS the people in our lives regarding WHO is a valuable asset relative to our GOALS and our futures versus who simply serves as a continuation of our outdated PERSONAS that we once believed we had to PROVIDE for others in order to be accepted and LOVED by anyone outside of us. In the latter case, it may be time to reluctantly RELEASE some people in order to LIGHTEN our load as we FLOAT toward our next endeavors…

Some of us may even be tempted to JUMP into new personal and/or business associations during this period as people that we meet may give us the feeling that these situations are a RE-union of souls! And while it is VERY possible that we indeed ARE meeting some very important people including our ‘soul-mates’ and such, it will be important to ‘take it SLOW’ and let whatever needs to be ironed out get ironed out before we fully engage in these new associations.

By the time we reach October 9, when Mercury shifts back into direct motion, Venus (the ruler of Libra) will be re-entering the sign of Virgo as it finishes up the shadow period from its recent retrograde (Jul 25 – Sep 6). At that time, it may be CLEARER regarding who is going to WORK for us and which self presentations are APPROPRIATE for our future intentions. If we meet anyone that feels IMPORTANT during the next few weeks, we may also begin to see at that time HOW we can initiate an appropriate partnership with these persons moving forward.

Then when Mars stimulates last weekend’s Solar Eclipse in Virgo in late October followed by Venus joining with Mars in Virgo AND Mercury finishing up in Libra just a few days later on the first day of November, we will be finding PRACTICAL outlets for any new WORKABLE associations and realistically RE-leasing any unworkable situations from our lives! It’s time to GET TO WORK with the people aligned with our path, to properly release those that are out of alignment with our intentions and to ENJOY ourselves in the process!

A September to Remember: Choosing Peace Amidst Distraction


The fixed star Regulus will be in Virgo for the next 2,000+ years, the Moon’s north node will be in Virgo for 18 months starting in November and Jupiter will be in Virgo through September 2016 suggesting a burgeoning time of COMMON SENSE and gradual step-by-step approaches to creating ORDER and the manifestation of our dreams. So, we have the opportunity to perceive the next several weeks as the universe conspiring FOR us by providing us with the opportunity to get into the Virgo spirit right ‘off the bat’! And with last weekend’s Solar Eclipse in Virgo and Venus’ re-entry into Virgo on Oct 9 as well as its connection with Mars in Virgo on Nov 1, we are off to a well ORGANIZED start to this process!

So, remember that it’s okay to forget the arduous times that we have experienced being a caterpillar for most of our lives and as the transformational ‘goo’ within the chrysalis over the past few years. Instead it’s appropriate to HONOR each moment of our NEW timeline like the butterflies that we ARE as we enjoy both OUR own colorful beauty and the beauty of the landscapes upon which we CREATE our dreams piece by piece with DELIBERATE precision! And with this advice and our COMMITMENT to the process, our goals CAN be achieved in virtually NO time at all…CONGRATS to ALL of us!


This weekend's Solar Eclipse in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces and trines Pluto in Capricorn. Also, Mercury in Libra is close to a sextile to Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Virgo builds to an opposition with Neptune in Pisces as we approach next week's shifts of Mercury into retrograde motion as well as Saturn into Sagittarius.

This eclipse reminds us of our collective WOUNDS surrounding our perception of INSIGNIFICANCE in the greater world.The weight of the world feels HEAVY when we unconsciously EXPECT ourselves to 'make a difference' that reaches EVERYONE!

And while we can feel the HEAVINESS and the pain that this brings up, its important to realize that the purpose of this eclipse during the last few days of Saturn in Scorpio is to allow us the opportunity to RELEASE this energy so that we can move forward toward the activities that SERVE both our souls and the greater world!

Our responsibility with this energy is to ACCEPT that our 'little' part in the world IS worthy and to actually take STEPS toward our TRUTH under the assumption that what we DO in the world DOES make a difference even if we cannot see the RESULTS immediately...

This summer's Venus retrograde from early Virgo back into Leo has allowed us to REevaluate the worthiness of our ROLE in the world with the activities that we DO on a daily basis. Maybe we don't realize just how much influence we DO have?

And before Mercury goes retrograde in Libra next week, we have the opportunity to begin the process of REassessing the 'roles' that we HAVE played with others and whether these still serve OUR needs as well...
In childhood, we unconsciously fall into roles for others based mostly on the FEARS associated with survival. "If I am not THIS way for others, then I will not be loved or accepted by them!". It can FEEL as though the WORLD will fall apart if we choose to discard our old roles when in actuality it is our insistence on HOLDING onto these roles as our IDENTITY which prevents our TRUTH from leading the way...and which prevents us from JOINING with others on a similar soul PATH!

It may be PAINFUL to contemplate it but our fears that we will have 'nothing to DO' in the world if we simply ARE who we are CAN be released! And NOW is the time...

If we instead FOCUS on our SOUL ROLE in the world rather than on the perceived role of our EGO and choose to RElease the attachments to BEing what we perceive others WANT us to be FOR them, then the OPTIONS for our authentic PARTICIPATION in the world will EXPAND and the people and partnerships will OPEN with them!

Jupiter in Virgo expands the TASKS when we release the PAST!..i.e. the past of putting the weight of the ENTIRE world on our shoulders. And combined with Saturn entering Sagittarius for the next two years, it is time to 'walk our talk' and FOCUS on living our truth in EVERY action as our options to do so become more ABUNDANT!

With Mercury in Libra and retrograde for most of the period from now through the end of October, we will be FACING and releasing our outdated unconscious 'survival' ROLES and beginning to MERGE with those souls with whom our TRUE roles can shine forth!

Leading up to Halloween, Mars will stimulate the degree of this eclipse, followed by Mercury exiting Libra and Mars joining Venus in Virgo in the first couple days of November. By then, based on our WILLINGNESS over this period to align our TASKS with our SOULS, we will be JOINING with others on a similar level as we begin working WITH each other rather than FOR each other!

So, over this period, if we just focus on OUR piece of the puzzle, we will NATURALLY and effortlessly join FORCES with like-minded souls as WE begin making the difference we had always DREAMED we could make! And, in the process, we will be HEALING the world...PEACE by PIECE...;)