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Trusting Gravity: Effortless 'Allowing' & the Experience of 'True Connection'

The Enigma that is Gravity
In case you are personally unaware of the scientific realities of gravity, though there are many theories as to why gravity exists, a complete scientific understanding of gravity has never been achieved. We only accept gravity because of repeated observational verification (i.e. it works)! Through observation and experience, we know that it works, but the true origins of the underlying forces behind gravity still elude us. However, our degree of understanding is enough to know, for example, the correct distance to station an orbiting satellite from the Earth in a position that is balanced according to its mass and the gravity of the Earth. Yet, answers to the questions as to WHY gravity exists and WHAT gravity IS still elude our complete understanding.

Despite this, gravity is certainly a 'reality' in our lives and just as it makes no sense to walk off of a cliff and expect not to fall to your death, it also makes no sense to omit anything from our accepted framework of knowledge if it has proven itself to be true, whether or not we completely understand it scientifically.

I make the case for this approach to using tools that we don't completely understand in my article regarding my explanation for using the ancient art and science of Astrology in my practice. Just below is a link to an article from my Astrology website as well as a link to a brief YouTube clip where I explain this gravity analogy further.  - What IS Astrology?

Gravity Analogy for Understanding Astrology

So the answer as to how gravity works and as to how Astrology works is essentially the same at this point; it just does.

And while gravity is not completely explainable, it carries with it a wisdom like many other metaphysical tools and practices (including Astrology) which may still elude our complete scientific understanding. 


Gravity and Trust
Gravity itself requires the practice of 'trust' on two (2) levels. We must first trust that we will physically fall toward the Earth when we 'let go' and we must trust that the force itself exists despite the lack of a complete explanation for its existence.

And is there really a better non-physical example to demonstrate engaging in these two levels of trust than in our human concept of 'falling in love'?

Love itself, by definition, is 'unconditional'. It is the state of 'allowing' ALL to be 'okay' without judgement. And while we collectively refer to the experience of becoming vulnerable within a relationship as 'falling' in LOVE most of us, ironically, experience this process more as an exercise of engaging in a constant 'efforting' to prevent our 'fears' from coming true rather than as an opening to 'allowing' for unconditional love. I address this idea of approaching relationships 'IN fear' rather than 'IN love' in the following brief YouTube clip below:

In Love or In Fear? 

Love is a Choice
Despite our collectively agreed upon fairy tale concept of 'love' as something that happens to us, the reality is that deciding to approach relationships (or life itself)  'IN love' or 'IN fear' is ALWAYS a choice. It is both a choice to 'allow' ourselves to be loved unconditionally AND a choice to 'allow' ourselves to love unconditionally.

This is true whether we are are taking steps toward unconditional self-love in courageously engaging in the discovering of our true purpose OR we are opening ourselves to the vulnerability of unconditional love within a relationship (romantic or otherwise). Either way, we have to CHOOSE whether to 'allow' trust to guide us OR to engage in 'effort' to prevent our fears from coming to fruition.
As with gravity, this process of 'falling' in love is, by default, EFFORTLESS. We choose to trust that it exists, and then we step out of the way to allow it to 'BE' regardless of having a complete intellectual understanding of it. This is a more 'feminine' approach to the concept of love versus the more common 'masculine' approach of exercising effort to prevent our fears (i.e. rules, restrictions and conditions) within a relationship.


True Connection and Our Commonly Held Misunderstanding
Personally, I spend A LOT of time by myself and yet I seldom, if ever, experience what people commonly refer to as 'loneliness'. Ironically, I never feel more connected to the energy of  'ALL that is' than when I am able to spend some quality time to myself. This sounds counter-intuitive at first, but recognize that our common 3-dimensional masculine (black vs. white) approach over-simplifies the concept of 'connection' which is not that complicated to begin with, but which is commonly misunderstood.
Let me explain...

The over-simplified 3-dimensional concept of 'connection' goes something like this...

I am 'separate' from you and therefore in order to CONNECT with you I need to focus MY energy in a 'direction' from me TOWARD you. That is, I need to direct my energy outside of me. This is a demonstration to the universe that, in this moment, I am 'incomplete'. 

To me, projecting our perceptions of 'incompleteness' IS the source of ALL disharmony...period. Sovereign Harmony is essentially a relationship paradigm based on the concept of simply focusing our energy on our experience of personal 'wholeness' and unconditional self-love as a way to engender harmony within which invariably leads to harmony with others and with the rest of the universe. To me, peace and harmony in the world comes through a collective personal CHOICE toward energetic sovereignty and wholeness even though this may seem counter-intuitive at first.

In my opinion, the perspective of a '4th dimension' is just a recognition that we have an inner reality, or dimension, to our beings beyond the physical blood, flesh, and bones that we may consider to be 'inside' of us from merely an over simplified 3-dimensional perspective

From this perspective it is an effortless process to 'fall' toward our personal center while it takes much effort in any attempt to separate from our personal center. Making the CHOICE to follow the wisdom of gravity and to trust the process of 'falling IN love' with ourselves by going within (4th dimension) is the first step toward experiencing true connection with others and true connection with the rest of the universe.

When we FALL toward ourselves (within) we FALL toward the center of ALL. No matter WHERE we are in the universe, EVERYTHING physically 'falls' toward the center of ALL that is. This is the true wisdom of gravity and it has ALWAYS been that simple

Regardless of any religious dispositions, current research into the electromagnetic connection of ALL things is quite clear. In fact, research through the Institute of HeartMath and other institutions is beginning to reveal this ancient concept in a very scientific and literal sense. Click on the link above for more information on HeartMath and click on the YouTube clip below for another perspective on this concept of electromagnetic 'connectedness' through our 'hearts':

"Our Hearts ARE Electromagnetically Connected"

Perhaps gravity ONLY exists within a 4th dimensional perspective. Physical science assumes a 3-dimensional reality field and so perhaps gravity has no current scientific explanation simply because it doesn't actually exist from an oversimplified 3-dimensional perspective. 

Perhaps...but then again...WHO CARES

It works, right? And if there is wisdom in its simplicity regardless of any explanation for its physical existence, isn't THAT enough?


It is YOUR Choice
Make the CHOICE to love and trust yourself, to love and trust your life and to love and trust your purpose. This CHOICE inevitably leads to the 'experience' of BEing 'IN love' no matter what you choose to do in life OR with whom you choose to 'connect'.  

From this perspective, CHOOSING to effortlessly FALL in love with ourselves as a first priority IS the only logical path toward truly connecting with others.

Are you beginning to understand what I mean by living in a state of 'Sovereign Harmony'? 

If not, you will... ;)

Ahhhh....and RELEASE...

For another perspective on 'trusting life', click on the link to the following article from


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