Friday, December 23, 2011

Saturn trine Neptune: Drifting Toward Dream Manifestation

Early this week, the Sun forms a sextile to Saturn followed by a sextile to Neptune. This essentially introduces the long-term trine aspect between Saturn and Neptune as the Sun 'lights up' the midpoint between these outer planets. This trine between Saturn and Neptune gets close enough to be within a 1' orb later this week and these planets will continue to be in and out of this aspect with each other through the summer of 2013.

This cycle actually initiated between mid-February and late November 1989 when these planets formed a conjunction in Capricorn. This initiated a new cycle related to merging dreams (Neptune) with reality (Saturn) and merging truth (Neptune) with structure (Saturn). Other key turning points for this cycle were from late March through mid-April 1999 when Saturn squared Neptune and again from late August 2006 through early July 2007 when Saturn opposed Neptune.

If you can think of the themes in your own life around these dates related to the perceived disparity between dreams/truth and reality/structure then you may be able to have a clue as to what the next 18 months will gradually and effortlessly bring your way. Hopefully you took advantage of these key time periods because this trine acts like a snowball coming down the mountain! Whatever you have 'built' will be implementing itself for better or for worse. It might be easiest to just look back to late 2006 through early 2007 to see how life was unfolding as this was a time when we perceived that our dreams were distant from what was realistic. If you 'gave up' on yourself then, expect it to be VERY tempting and almost impossible to stop that momentum now. However, if you channeled your perceived doubt into creative energy and worked to bridge the gap between your dreams and your perceived reality at that time, then expect your dreams to begin almost to 'effortlessly' manifest themselves over the next 18 months.

Don't believe me? Give it a conscious try ;)...

Below is an example from my own life regarding these key dates as well as some more collective-level (US policy and Northern CA disaster preparedness) experiences of these energies at work:

Saturn conjunct Neptune: Mid-February through late November 1989 - Birth of the new cycle

I was a 10 yr old who had just finished up a special extra-curricular course which covered the science of Meteorology (i.e. weather & forecasting) from where I would go on to major in Meteorology (i.e. dreams into reality) a decade later. I also had my 6th and final ear surgery which was supposed to 'fix' (Saturn) my perforated eardrums for good. However, the surgery was not a success for unknown reasons (Neptune) and a perforated ear drum in my left ear remained.

Collectively, this is when the Montreal Protocol occurred which rose the awareness of 'climate change' in terms of human-related activities. Also, more locally, this is when the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake occurred in the San Francisco Bay Area. The 'truth' was out regarding current 'structures' that needed adjustments.

Saturn square Neptune: Late March through mid-April 1999 - First

tensions & adjustments of the cycle

I was a sophomore Meteorology major who was preparing to spend a good chunk of my summer at basic training with the Air Force ROTC program where I was to become an Air Force Meteorologist. However, in April of that year, I received a phone call after a routine physical for the ROTC program through which I was informed that I was disqualified for the program due to my still unresolved perforated eardrum!

At this time, many scientific studies were being conducted related to human influences on climate change which made it a political hot topic for the first time during the 2000 election with Al Gore running for president. In Northern CA, the Bay Bridge retrofits were also a hot topic with lots of contention regarding costs and tax payer money etc.

Saturn opposite Neptune: Late August 2006 through early July 2007 - Culmination and unfolding

After my opportunity with the Air Force fell through I started to realize that I had only majored in Meteorology because my mom mentioned to me in passing as a teen that I 'really liked that course' I took when I was 10! I had to then start from scratch in terms of my plans for the future in the late 1990's which led me down many paths including where I ended up by late 2006 into 2007. I found myself living 3,000 miles away from home in Sacramento, CA pushing my ambitious goals that I never would have had if I had stayed with the Air Force. I also got laid off for the first time during this time period and I fully experienced the sense of an 'unpredictable future' which was, in retrospect, the point of the life lesson of being released by the predictable future promised through the Air Force. This was perhaps a time of disillusionment for me but also a time where, by the summer of 2007, I felt like an approach to life without too much predictability (Saturn) was in favor of my dreams (Neptune) rather than a deterrent from them.

At this time, Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" came out which brought the collective awareness of the climate change issue (whether you personally trust the information or not) to the public. Also, most of the retrofits of bridges in the San Francisco Bay were either being finished or finalized in terms of plans.

Saturn trine Neptune: Late December 2011 through late July 2013 - Momentum from the unfolding

So what does the next 18 months bring? For me, I assume that I will be further challenged to live 'unpredictably'. Since I feel that I came through the recent opposition (2006-2007) with a positive outlook and a sense of possibility for the future, this time just may reflect that momentum. I'll keep my fingers crossed and just keep on steering toward structuring my dreams regardless of the currents I have created ;).

In terms of climate change, I am guessing that by mid-2013 there will be solid legislation related to human-related emissions OR that the 'truth' about the human influence comes out in one form or another and coincides with the unveiling of FREE energy which negates the need for legislation in the first place. For the Bay Area, I think there will be a MAJOR earthquake between now and the summer of 2013 and the level of damage will reflect the degree of the efforts for the retrofits that were put into place. My guess is that the earthquake

will be larger in magnitude than the 1989 Loma Prieta quake but that the damage and death toll will be far less because of the retrofits. Lets hope so :).

Regardless of whether you 'gave up' on your dreams or you pushed forward to 'make them real' back in late 2006 through early 2007, you now have a chance to 'ride the wave' of your creations over the next 18 months. Even if the momentum is not in your favor due to your previous choices, that doesn't mean you cannot steer in the direction you want to go. It just makes it a little more difficult to steer out of the current. If you created a favorable current relative to your present intentions, you will experience the more 'effortless' flow of the manifestation of your dreams over this period. Otherwise, it will just take more work but the result can still be the same...

I'd love to hear YOUR personal stories regarding these themes over the next 18 months!!

-Christopher Robert Taylor

Sovereign Harmony

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse – 12/10/2011

Its eclipse season again! This most recent round started off with a new moon solar eclipse that peaked at approximately 1:12am EST on Friday, November 25...'Black Friday' in the US. Next on the list is the TOTAL full moon lunar eclipse (see chart above) that peaks at approximately 09:35am EST on Saturday, December 10.

Eclipses usually occur two weeks apart from each other twice per year. Each series typically includes a lunar eclipse followed by a solar eclipse or vice versa. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is partially blocking the moon from the sun during a full moon. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon blocks the sun from the Earth during a new moon. Full moons and new moons represent astrologically potent time periods anyway, but the eclipses just add some amplification and usually a little dose of the unexpected!

Astrologically speaking, new moons are generally a time of sowing seeds while full moons are a time of reaping what we sow. Where a new moon falls in our personal natal chart represents a time of new beginnings and laying new foundations in the parts of our lives represented by the astrological house that is highlighted. Where a full moon falls in our personal natal chart represents a time of sudden awareness, revelation, culmination and completion in the parts of our lives represented by the astrological house that is highlighted. Eclipses just add some spice and surprise to these time periods.

Ancient astrologers saw eclipse seasons as especially potent time periods with regards to wars and the fate of nations. I personally prefer to look at eclipses relative to the lives and relationships of individuals. In this regard, eclipse seasons are often potent times for unexpected change in terms of surprise new beginnings and to final culminations of things which have been building for some time.

This current total lunar eclipse will peak at approximately 18° Gemini and it will be in conjunction with the south node of the moon. This represents a time of culmination, release, and filtering of energy. When we are open and flexible in the face of change, this can be a rewarding time where we experience the culmination of past efforts or the finishing of unfinished business. If we have been creating against our best interests or if we have been keeping things under the surface, this may mark a stressful time of culmination with regards to the release of our secrets or the results of our less than stellar creations. The experiences of this nature would be felt within the domain of the astrological house that encompasses the location of this eclipse at 18° Gemini. You would need to consult your own natal chart to find out where this position falls for you.

For example, this point falls in my natal 9th house (near the Midheaven) which is the house covering travel, education, news from 'afar', the internet, publishing, etc. For me (and everyone else who has 18° Gemini in their 9th house) this could mark a culmination and release related to travel, publishing or hearing surprising news from afar. This eclipse includes a challenging aspect to Mars in my 12th house of secrets, hidden enemies, spirituality, & behind the scenes activities as well as a challenging aspect to Venus in my 4th house of home, security, emotions, and family. This eclipse is in supportive aspects to Neptune in my 6th house of health, work, service, & daily routine and to Saturn in my 2nd house of self-worth, finances, tangibility, & sensuality. I better be diligent with whom I conduct business but it appears that I may get the opportunity to prove that my 'outside-the-box' services can gain traction and earn tangible results and personal security for me (though I may be required to relocate to make it happen!). If I am not dealing with perceived enemies trying to block my path, then I will certainly be dealing with the most hidden enemy of all...unconscious self-sabotage!

In general, this eclipse's aspects point to an opportunity to release old beliefs over the next several months to make room for new growth opportunities coming in early summer 2012 (see below). This release process will require that we are willing to adjust our values (ideas about abundance/scarcity and whats important in our relationships) and willing to do the the diligent and detailed work that is required to to shift the momentum of our lives into more favorable currents. As long as justice, equality, and acceptance are part of the picture, our long-term security will be solid.

Collectively, I feel that truths are about to be revealed and that the general public will have to make some quick value adjustments (i.e. possibly temporarily living without money) while doing the 'hard-work' of beginning the process of organizing our new reality into a well-oiled machine for the good of all. Some of these secrets may include the realization that all of those electronic numbers in the stock market (and your 401K) aren't 'money' at all. Secrets related to the bridge between science and spirituality will likely be part of the picture as well. With the truth out, there would be no turning back and we would be required to move forward and create our society around these truths rather than according to an out-dated system that only served its creators.

The combination of the house location of the eclipse, its aspects to other current planets, and its aspects to the personal natal planets yields a very unique interpretation for each individual. For the best results in this case, find out where this lunar eclipse and the other planets involved fall in your natal chart. Then find any planets or personal points in your natal chart that are also aspected by these configurations.

Location of Current Total Lunar Eclipse Configurations

Lunar Eclipse - Moon @ 18° Gemini, Sun @ 18° Sagittarius

Mars - 13° Virgo

Neptune - 28° Aquarius

Saturn - 27° Libra

Venus - 17° Capricorn

The effects of this eclipse can be felt within a few days on either side of December 10 and may be felt through early June 2012! This is mainly because Mars will 'trigger' this eclipse by way of a square aspect starting the weekend of Christmas and ending in early June within a few days of the Venus/Sun occultation!

The Venus/Sun Occultation is a rare event with HUGE significance and will occur within orb of the degree of this eclipse in Gemini to boot! This rare event deserves its own write-up but, in any case, it appears that what we RELEASE related to this eclipse over the next several months will allow us the room to OPEN ourselves to the growth opportunities offered to us in early June 2012 with the Venus/Sun Occultation. I'll just say that it appears that the sacred feminine is making a comeback for ALL of us! Good times!

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Happy Eclipse Season!