Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mars Retrograde Shadow 2016 (mid Feb through late Aug)

This week, Mars in Scorpio enters its 'shadow' period for its pending retrograde (Apr 17-Jun 29) which will last through mid-late August. In addition, Venus entered Aquarius on Tuesday evening and the Sun shifts into Pisces on Thursday evening.

The energy shifts this week are EASING us into the efforts that will occupy our time over the next 6 MONTHS or so. This retrograde of Mars will cover the section of the zodiac from 23° Scorpio through 9° Sagittarius. So, this is the part of OUR CHARTS that will be in focus!

In what HOUSE(s) will Mars be turning retrograde in YOUR chart? Will Mars hit any planets or form any angles to planets from this zone in YOUR chart? Wherever this falls in your chart, there is some RECONSTRUCTION going on in your life over the next 6 months!

Below is a brief outline for the entire Mars retrograde shadow period:

Feb 17-Apr 17 - Over this period, we will see the THEMES for the Mars retrograde introduce themselves. Many of our unconscious ACTIONS and HABITS for approaching life may be CHALLENGED as HOW we have always 'done ' things and/or approached situations will begin to produce less RESULTS relative to our intentions.

April 17-Jun 29 - This is the actual retrograde period when Mars will RETRACE the portion of the zodiac where it traveled between mid-Feb and mid-Apr. During this time, we are EXPERIMENTING with different OPTIONS for achieving what we are intending as the last couple of months have convinced us of the futility of DOING things the same ol' way. This is a time of TRIAL and ERROR so being PATIENT with ourselves and others is what is called for now!

Jun 29-Aug 22 - After Mars turns direct, it will then move forward through this same portion of the zodiac as it did from mid-Feb through mid-Apr. However, at this time, we will have FIGURED OUT what WORKS and what no longer works with regards to our APPROACH to the world and HOW we attempt to get things ACCOMPLISHED. The more patient we are during the retrograde period, the more likely we are to ALIGN most EFFICIENTLY with those approaches that WILL lead us to our goals through the rest of the summer and into the fall!

Generally, with Mars retrograding from Sagittarius back into Scorpio over the next 6 months, it covers the portion of the zodiac where Saturn traveled over most of 2015.

Saturn's job last year was to REVEAL our darkness to us so that we may ACCEPT it and move FORWARD knowing that the 'cold hard truth' is part of our WHOLE TRUTH and that only from this place of WHOLENESS can we truly be POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE in the world!

This time it is Mars' turn to REMIND us that our ACTIONS must MATCH our TRUTH in order for us to ACCOMPLISH our deepest SOUL intentions! Any actions that do not align with our souls will become OBVIOUS and the more conscious we are in recognizing them, the easier it will be to ACCEPT and RELEASE them making room for more APPROPRIATE actions that DO reflect our truth as we head toward the FUTURE!

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Christopher Taylor
Sovereign Harmony