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Weather or Not?: Changing the Climate of Collective Empowerment

The Earth's climate over the last ~10,000 years has been an 'abnormally' STABLE period relative to the more commonly unstable climate patterns recorded in the long term paleoclimatic data. Large scale agriculture, as we know it and opon which we have grown to depend, HAS only and COULD only exist within such an 'abnormally stable' climatic period like we have experienced over the past 10,000 years. While it then behooves us as a collective to address any potential impacts that we MAY have on this fragile climate system for which we rely, it ultimately does not matter if we can simply change our 'energy paradigm' to one that is more EMPOWERING.

"Changing the Climate of Collective Empowerment" 
(recorded Oct 24, 2012)
While I did not include any information regarding persistent contrails, weather modification or geoengineering in this video above, if we also DO include these very important man-made geoengineering and weather modification considerations within the discussion it only further enhances the message of what I present here regarding our collective approach to the observed climate change issue. Also note that this video was recorded just days before Hurricane Sandy devastated the northeastern US. It was the weather modification of Hurricane Sandy that woke me up to the ongoing realities of weather modification and the potential realities of geoengineering experimentation in our atmosphere.


Sustainable energy management is something that we create from the inside-out. We can never achieve sustainable energy in the outer world until we deal with the demons that disrupt the flow of our own internal energy. This means getting in touch with the the deep hidden fears that we ALL harbor regarding the loss of our 'freedom' (right wing) as well as the loss of our 'protection' (left wing).

Both the 'left wing' and 'right wing' factions of politics share these wounds in common and this forms a roadblock to our own personal freedom and protection that can only be achieved outwardly through the achievement of a state of  'sovereign harmony' within. This state of internal sustainable energy management creates ripples that can eventually lead to collective sustainable energy management in the outer world. 

When the current financial system unravels, it will open the door to existing 'free energy' technologies that will provide us all with a 'zero climate-impact' opportunity for energy use along with ever more freedom.

It is not the energy that we burn in order to live that is the problem, but the energy of ourselves that we give away which keeps us in a state of confused dis-empowerment and perceived disagreement.

Let's allow the flow of power BACK into our hands...and lets do it together rather than divided 
Sovereign Harmony

-Christopher Robert Taylor

Personal Educational Background & Graduate Research
1) BS - Meteorology - Plymouth State University (2001)
2) MS - Atmospheric Science - University of California, Davis (2003)
-"A Study Comparing the Long-Term Climate near NIGEC Sponsored AmeriFlux Sites to the Recent Period of CO2 Flux Measurements" (UC Davis - 2003)
3) MESM - Environmental Science & Management  - University of California, Santa Barbara (2005)
-"Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Hybrid-Electric Vehicles: An Environmental and Economic Analysis" (UC Santa Barbara - 2005)


- "Chemtrails. The Realities of Geoengineering and Weather Modification"
- "The Weather Modification and Geoengineering Industry Exposed"
- "The History of Weather Control: Interactive Timeline"
- "Atmospheric Geoengineering: Weather Manipulation, Contrails and Chemtrails"
- "The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: “Owning the Weather” for Military Use" 
- "Man Made Climate Change in the Skies

The following links build on the media 'narrative' that climate change is both dangerously eminent and definitely leads to 'warming' primarily due to human-enhanced greenhouse emissions. Proposals for geo-engineering the climate would ONLY be warranted under these 'assumptions'. In my opinion, it is these assumptions that need to be revisited in order to properly address the scope of the observations of our changing weather and climate. The effects of persistent contrails combined with other man-made weather modification activities are NOT adequately included within current computer model projections for climate change. In my opinion, we cannot make plans for a future based on erroneous assumptions and flawed computer models that currently exclude important variables

"CFR Pushes End to Sovereignty at UN's Doha Climate Summit"
"Geoengineering: Climate Remediation
General Overview of Hurricane Modification Projects
"Hacking the Planet" - The Weather Channel (promo video)
"Benefits, risks of using geoengineering to counter climate change"
"The Task Force on Climate Remediation Research is Wrong, and Here’s Why"
"The 'Chemtrail' Phenomenon and My Suspicions Regarding the 'Global Warming Prevention' Narrative"

"How much of global warming or climate change is actually by billions of tons of these aerosols that have been sprayed over us for the last 8 years without our permission? It's not just CO2 conditions that we have to deal with but we have to deal with weather modification. How is weather modifcation by the military destabilizing our planet's natural weather?" -  Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri (from the MA School of Law Global Climate Change conference just below)

 - "Global Warming: The Origin and Nature of the Alleged Scientific Consensus"
 - "New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism"
 - "Climate Change in 12 Minutes - The Skeptic's Case"
 - "Global Warming is Geo Engineered Using Persistent Contrails"
 - "Geoengineering: The real climate change threat" 
 - "Regional Variations in U.S. Diurnal Temperature Range for the 11–14 September 2001 Aircraft Groundings: Evidence of Jet Contrail Influence on Climate"
- "Global Climate Change Conference - Massachusetts School of Law - October 11, 2008" 
 - "Researcher Offers Alternative Explanation for Global Warming"
 - "Global Weirding, Violent Weather & Chemtrails"
 - "Global Weather Modification Assault Causing Climate Chaos And Environmental Catastrophe"
 - "Sun Blamed for Warming of Earth and Other Worlds"
 - "The Evidence - Electromagnetic Changes in our Solar System"

"We keep inventing jobs because of this false idea that everybody has to be employed at some kind of drudgery because, according to Malthusian-Darwinian theory, he must justify his right to exist. So we have inspectors of inspectors and people making instruments for inspectors to inspect inspectors." - Richard Buckminster Fuller

- "The New Economy: Sovereign Harmony"
- "Breakthrough Energy Movement"
- "University Uses Tesla Technology to Wirelessly Charge Electric Bus"
- "Company unveils small personal-sized hydroelectricity generator"  
- "New Frontiers in Free Energy: The Gravity Light"
- "Free Energy Is An Absolute Imperative For The Future Of The Earth And Humanity"
- "Nuclear Physicist, M.T. Keshe: We Already Have “Free Energy” and Antigravity Technology"
- "The Orion Project: Developing Clean Energy Solutions to Empower the 21st Century"

"Brian O'Leary - Energy Solution Revolution - Part 1"

"Brian O'Leary - Energy Solution Revolution - Part 2"


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The 'Chemtrail' Phenomenon and My Suspicions Regarding the 'Global Warming Prevention' Narrative

I suspect that 'stratospheric aerosol geoengineering' (SAG) and/or 'solar radiation management' (SRM) programs using airplane-deployed spraying technologies are already underway. A common 'narrative' as to WHY spraying these trails containing oxides of aluminum, barium and strontium into the atmosphere may be beneficial is that these particulates may serve as a method of reflecting sunlight and combating 'global warming'. As someone with a strong educational and professional background in this science and based on some suspicious activities (see below), I am personally skeptical of this 'accepted narrative' as to why this spraying would be occurring. I also suspect, based one my research and observations and despite the 'official' reference specifically to 'stratospheric' spraying, that little (if any) of the current spraying activities are actually occurring 'well' within the stratosphere. In my opinion, the spraying activities appear to be more related to weather modification activities within the 'troposphere' rather than to 'global warming' prevention projects to reflect sunlight within the higher reaches of the stratosphere (see article and video links just below).

 - "Climate Engineering: The Weather Modification and Geoengineering Industry Exposed"
 - "Atmospheric Geoengineering: Weather Manipulation, Contrails and Chemtrails"
 - Geoengineering: Destroying the Atmosphere - Rosalind Peterson (video)
 - Global Climate Change Conference - Massachusetts School of Law - October 11, 2008 (video)
 - "The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: “Owning the Weather” for Military Use"
 - Geoengineering III - Domestic and International Research Governance (video)
 - Introduction to Solar Radiation Management Initiative (video)

All 'weather' as we know it occurs within the lowest level of the atmosphere known as the 'troposphere'. The boundary between the upper troposphere and the lower stratosphere (i.e. the tropopause) is where commercial airplanes fly (~30-35K feet) and its the highest level for the tops of even the largest cumulonimbus clouds associated with thunderstorms, hurricanes and general weather activities (non-weather related clouds DO exist at higher altitudes than this). So, strictly for the intention of weather modification, spraying particles well into the stratosphere would NOT make any sense. Cloud-seeding activities using chemical compounds such as silver iodide have been used for decades as a way to increase condensation nuclei and encourage precipitation to fall to the ground within the troposphere (typically sprayed between 16-22K feet into existing clouds). However, its only recently that weather modification operations using potentially more toxic oxides of elements such as aluminum have been potentially occurring. 

 - Weather Sonde Data Confirms Chemtrails not Persistent Contrails (video)
 - "Cliff Carnicom: Preliminary Meteorological Study of Unnatural Cloud Formations"

The upper portion of the troposphere is also where natural cirrus clouds exist and its why this would be an ideal location to physically 'blend' the backdrop of the atmospheric landscape with 'trailing activities' in a way in which the average person would be unsuspecting (if this were the intention). Due to the thermodynamic conditions above what is known as the 'tropopause' (i.e. the invisible boundary between the troposphere and the stratosphere) particles well within the stratosphere take MUCH longer to fall to the ground and get 'trapped' temporarily within the stratosphere before gradually trickling into the troposphere and eventually making their way onto the ground. Hence, this is why spraying well up into the stratosphere wouldn't make any sense if 'weather modification' has been the actual intention thus far. This is also why, for example, when Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991, the global temperature cooled significantly over the course of the 1992 calendar year and this was due to the natural sulfur emissions from the eruption that were ejected well into the 'stratosphere' allowing the particles to linger and reflect more sunlight than usual over that period.

This fact and the observations of the effects of stratospheric particulates are part of the reasoning behind the geoengineering 'proposals' for artificially injecting sulfur well into the stratosphere to reflect sunlight and 'cool' the planet as a way to theoretically reduce 'global warming'. Assuming 'warming' is the ONLY concern with regards to climate change, then theoretically, this process most certainly should work successfully to 'cool' the planet. But, the potential human health/environmental effects of such potential geoengineering activities are another matter. And, injecting aluminum, barium and strontium (or any other particles) into the upper 'troposphere' or lower portions of the stratosphere (i.e. where commercial airplanes typically achieve their cruising altitudes) allows for relatively rapid precipitation of these particles to the ground (compared to particles injected well into the stratosphere) due to gravity and due to the typical thermodynamic conditions that exist within the troposphere under normal conditions. While artificial sulfur injections well into the stratosphere may be a 'potential' geoengineering proposal, artificial upper tropospheric/lower stratospheric injections of aluminum, barium and strontium oxides appear to be currently occurring and they appear to have been occurring without properly informing the public and without conducting adequate research into the potential human health/environmental effects of spraying these compounds into our environment.

 - Patent US5003186 - "Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming" - March 26, 1991 - Quote from above Abstract for Patent US5003186:
"Such materials can include the class of materials known as Welsbach materials. The oxides of metal, e.g., aluminum oxide, are also suitable for the purpose."

 - "Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming: Mitigation, Adaptation, and the Science Base" - National Academy of Sciences - 1992 - Conclusions from the 1992 National Academy of Sciences publication above:
"...the N.A.S. [National Academy of Sciences] found that the most effective global warming mitigation turned out to be the spraying of reflective aerosol compounds into the atmosphere utilizing commercial, military and private aircraft. This preferred mitigation method is designed to create a global atmospheric shield which would increase the planet's albedo (reflectivity) using aerosol compounds of aluminum and barium oxides, and to introduce ozone generating chemicals into the atmosphere." -

I personally find it slightly suspicious that this 1991 patent for a technology to spray aluminum oxides was completed BEFORE the above official study came out in 1992 on global warming mitigation policies which essentially concludes that aluminum oxides would be ideal aerosol compounds with which to spray. Also, note that this is just ONE of many related patents potentially associated with these spraying activities.

David Keith is a professor of public policy and applied physics at Harvard University who was quoted in the Oct 25 article below that was published just 2 weeks after a Swedish official admitted to their own SAG and/or SRM  programs AND just 2 days after an article was published on the potential health dangers and other risks of such global scale projects (see below). Also note that these articles were leading up to 'Frankenstorm Sandy' just a few days later for which there was clear indication of aerosol modification on satellite imagery. However, it is unclear exactly as to the underlying intentions for these specific modification activities (i.e. was it to influence the storm's direction and/or strength? and in what ways)?. See video and article just below for more details on modification of Hurricane Sandy and modification of tropical weather, in general.

- Aerosol Geoengineering and Hurricane Modification Program Run by Homeland Security (video)
- "Hurricane Sandy Under Aerosol Geoengineering by DHS to Modify Intensity and Land-fall
 - The Evidence - Electromagnetic Changes in our Solar System (video)
-General Overview of Hurricane Modification Projects

"Geoengineering—using technology to purposefully change the climate—is the only option for reducing the risk of climate change from greenhouse-gas emissions in the next few decades" - David Keith

- "Photophoretic levitation of engineered aerosols for geoengineering" - David Keith (2010)
 - Atmospheric Geoengineering with Aluminum Aerosols to 'Reduce Global Warming' Lecture (video)

Quotes from the video in the lecture link just above:
"The little picture is from a nanofabrication study which shows you can make very high quality...and do this in just a jet in a very simple way. Make high quality alumina particles just by spraying alumina vapor out in chunks of ice. So its certainly, in principle, possible to do that. There's a big literature that's already looked at that. And you can do that either by building new versions of these aircraft or even re-engineering existing aircraft. So there's some ideas about...if you go to an engineering firm and you want this done, they don't say this is hard or unusual. They say, 'okay yes, we can do it. " - David Keith

"The alumina, we've only begun to research and published nothing. We haven't done anything serious on alumina and so there could be something terrible that we'll find tomorrow that we haven't looked at." - David Keith

"And by the way, its not really a moral hazard, its more like free-riding on our grand-kids." - David Keith

*Note that alumina = aluminum oxide

Pictures taken Nov 11, 2012 in Sacramento, CA

Recent Articles (in chronological progression of media coverage):
 - "The Army Sprayed St. Louis With Toxic Aerosol During A Just Revealed 1950s Test" (Oct 4, 2012)
 - "Swedish official [Pernilla Hagberg] admits toxic 'chemtrails' are real, not a wild conspiracy theory" (Oct 6, 2012)
 - "Scientists Warn Geo-Engineering Can Kill Billions of People" (Oct 23, 2012)
 - "Geoengineering Could Be Essential to Reducing the Risk of Climate Change" (Oct 25, 2012)
 - "Chemtrails. The Realities of Geoengineering and Weather Modification" (Nov 8, 2012)
 - "Government Documents Link Global Warming to Advanced Military Climate Modification Technology" (Nov 29, 2012) 
 - "Reducing carbon emissions will not be enough to turn tide" (Dec 1, 2012)
 - "Researcher Offers Alternative Explanation for Global Warming" (Dec 1, 2012) 
 - "Belgian Environmental Study Corroborates Existence and Effects of Weather Modification" (Jan 2, 2013)

David Keith is also filmed in the documentary "What in the World Are They Spraying" (see link below) speaking at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) conference in Feb 2010 in San Diego, CA where he talks openly about spraying 'potentially' toxic aluminum oxide as part of these operations YET in the Oct 25th article above he mentions ONLY the 'potential' spraying of more naturally occurring sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere. Why does he fail to mention the 'potential' for using aluminum to reflect more sunlight than sulfur for reducing 'global warming' in the above article in the same way that he does at the AAAS conference just 2-1/2 years prior? This information regarding spraying aluminum and other more potentially toxic oxides was certainly covered in the National Academy of Sciences 1992 publication (see link above). I find it suspicious that the Oct 25 article quoting David Keith speaks ONLY of the potential use of sulfur compounds despite his obvious knowledge of the use of aluminum, barium and strontium oxides. Its interesting to note that the Oct 23 article above, which discusses the potential dangers of spraying, also only speaks of using sulfur as part of the solution.

*Note that aluminum most certainly has cumulative toxic effects in humans. See articles just below for more details:

 - "Chemtrails, Nanoaluminum And Neurodegenerative And Neurodevelopmental Effects"
 - "How Geoengineering And The Aerosol Spraying Of Our Skies Affects Our Health"
 - "Alzheimer's & Aluminum Toxicity"
 - From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life- The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology by Sofia Smallstorm (video)

Is Aluminum ALREADY an additive in jet fuel?
"1958 Documents Link Chemtrails to Trimethyaluminum in Jet Fuel" (December 2012)


Video Documentaries on Weather Modification & Climate Geoengineering:

-Aerosol Crimes
-Don't Talk About the Weather
-What in The World Are They Spraying?
-Why in the World Are They Spraying?
-Climate Change 2012: The Incredible True Story of Artificial Clouds


Final Thoughts
While I did not include any information regarding geo-engineering or weather modification in this video below, if we also DO include these very important geo-engineering and weather modification considerations within the discussion it only further enhances the message of what I present here regarding our collective approach to the climate change issue (see blog link below). 

Also note that this was recorded just days before Hurricane Sandy devastated the northeastern US. It was the weather modification of Hurricane Sandy that woke me up to the ongoing realities of geo-engineering activities in our atmosphere.

 -Christopher Robert Taylor

Educational Background 
BS - Meteorology - Plymouth State University (2001)
MS - Atmospheric Science - University of California, Davis (2003)
MESM - Environmental Science & Management  - University of California, Santa Barbara (2005)

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What's the Difference Between CLAIMING to Be a Healthy Skeptic vs Actually PRACTICING Healthy Skepticism?

I consider myself to be a healthy skeptic. But, then again, I don't think I've ever met someone who doesn't consider themselves to be one? Would anyone really admit to being an unhealthy skeptic?

It seems to me that EVERYONE considers themselves to be a healthy skeptic...especially guys. Why is that? I swear that the average guy unconsciously believes that being a skeptic (or at least saying that they are one) is somehow a more masculine representation of themselves. I wonder if it has something to do with playing the 'protector' role, as if being skeptical of new ideas is somehow more 'protective' by default than is being open and honestly vulnerable. Who knows? But, whatever the reason, the majority of guys and a large chunk of the ladies out there certainly will at least 'claim' to be a healthy skeptic.

There is NOTHING inappropriate about practicing our own personal brand of healthy skepticism, in my opinion.

But, drawing from my own experiences, it seems that VERY few self-proclaimed skeptics ACTUALLY 'practice' healthy skepticism in the face of new concepts. Typically these people are just using a stance of 'nonacceptance' almost as if to appear 'tough' and invulnerable to outside influence. It reminds me of the common treatment of the concept of 'stubbornness'. I would say that the majority of people, when asked for their opinion on stubbornness, will SAY that they consider stubbornness to be a negative trait. Yet it also appears to me that the majority of these SAME people wear their own stubbornness (perceived or otherwise) as some sort of badge of honor. To me, this honestly gets old. Lets seriously stop faking it and get real!

Most of us BELIEVE that stubbornness is a positive trait. Can we just let that cat out of the bag already? What's the hold up? This 'secret' love of stubbornness also bleeds into the concept of skepticism where most people 'claim' one side of the coin and yet practice the other side of that same coin.

So what's the difference between healthy and unhealthy skepticism, then? Well, here is how I see it...

A healthy skeptic both accepts and admits their own ignorance regarding a new concept AND also exhibits active curiosity in the face of these new concepts. They admit that they know nothing and yet actively search for the knowledge and information once their own ignorance has been revealed to themselves. The key, I think, is that they are NOT afraid to be perceived as being 'wrong' and they also have enough confidence in their own intelligence to investigate the new ideas being presented to them.

On the other hand, and unhealthy skeptic has difficulty admitting or being 'wrong' and they are typically apathetic with regards to verifying new concepts that come into their awareness. In my opinion, an unhealthy skeptic is just someone who combines ignorance with apathy, pride and a dash of unresolved issues surrounding being perceived as 'wrong' in the eyes of one or more of their parents. Its just a theory, but I am willing to do some research to at least ATTEMPT verification of my theory!

And, to me, THAT is the main difference between the practice of healthy vs. unhealthy skepticism....the willingness to INVESTIGATE claims even if there is a chance that you could be WRONG! And it is THIS category underneath where MOST self-proclaimed healthy skeptics fall regardless of their own willingness to admit it or not.

To me, skepticism IS a very healthy practice...but only when it IS actually 'practiced'! We cannot simply 'claim' to be healthy skeptics as a way of avoiding the work involved in ACTUALLY verifying the validity of new concepts and information.

If you have issues with being perceived as 'wrong'...get over them. And, if you have confidence issues surrounding your own capacity for intelligent research and debate and hide those issues behind 'stubborn' adherence to beliefs, then I suggest getting over that too. Then, just MAYBE we can ALL actually 'practice' a form of truly healthy skepticism!

But personally, I am skeptical as to whether ALL of us actually DO retain the potential for practicing skepticism in its healthy form...

Christopher Robert Taylor

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Conscious Business for the New Economy

Business transparency, environmental awareness, personal growth and social connectivity are transforming consumer demand as well as the small business economic model. Small business owners can keep up with the demand of this rapid paradigm shift by learning how to run their business operations using more conscious approaches.

A ' conscious’ business owner is one that is clear about his or her  intentions and is also open to revealing and eliminating any unknown blocks and unconscious habits that prevent either themselves or their business from totally thriving. Only when fully conscious can a business owner truly achieve a sense of personal internal wholeness as well as a sense of external harmony with employees, vendors, clients, competitors and the natural environment.

My services through Sovereign Harmony are based on a ‘relationship harmony’ philosophy whereby I foster the development of independence, empowerment and wholeness within my clients and within their business operations. My mission is to lead my clients 'to the light' by not leaving them in the dark. I approach this process of 'enlightenment' by addressing the idea of ‘sustainable management’ of energy from the inside-out. It starts with the small business owner as I assist him or her in unveiling the truth regarding their unconscious relationship with themselves. From there, I address their business' employee intra-office relationship dynamics and their business' outside market relationships with vendors, clients and the natural environment; in that order.

I use a combination of ancient and modern tools to assist small business owners in re-aligning with their original intentions and passions that have gone by the wayside during the course of 'business survival' operations. The intentions behind my services include revealing hidden and unconscious blockages, recognizing original intentions and potentials and re-establishing conscious alignment between the business owner and their business.

The emerging economic paradigm has inspired me to utilize a non-traditional 'relationship consulting' model whereby my clients learn what they need from me and apply it under the direction of their own power. I am an educator first, and I aim to leave my clients with a sense of self-empowerment to enact change and with the personal responsibility to decide whether or not to take action on what they have learned.

Through my 'relationship consulting' model I provide  temporary business advising services where I use my clients’ personal sense of empowerment and a steady stream of referrals for new business opportunities as the metrics for measuring my success. Unlike most traditional consulting models, I do not measure success by the length of time in which a clients need me or my services to survive. It is more important to me that my clients have truly learned how to adapt their business models toward the emerging economic paradigm and that they feel empowered enough to thrive on their own.

I also will not hold a business owner accountable for enacting change over time like a traditional business coach. I will only lead a horse to water but it is up to that horse to both decide whether the water is worth drinking and whether or not they choose to take a drink.

I embody the Sovereign Harmony relationship harmony philosophy through my services and through my business model. I trust that I will continue to be lead in the direction of business owners in the greater Sacramento area who desire to optimize their small business products, services and operations through the pursuit of truth and personal responsibility. For more information, visit my website at or contact me via email at

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Trusting Gravity: Effortless 'Allowing' & the Experience of 'True Connection'

The Enigma that is Gravity
In case you are personally unaware of the scientific realities of gravity, though there are many theories as to why gravity exists, a complete scientific understanding of gravity has never been achieved. We only accept gravity because of repeated observational verification (i.e. it works)! Through observation and experience, we know that it works, but the true origins of the underlying forces behind gravity still elude us. However, our degree of understanding is enough to know, for example, the correct distance to station an orbiting satellite from the Earth in a position that is balanced according to its mass and the gravity of the Earth. Yet, answers to the questions as to WHY gravity exists and WHAT gravity IS still elude our complete understanding.

Despite this, gravity is certainly a 'reality' in our lives and just as it makes no sense to walk off of a cliff and expect not to fall to your death, it also makes no sense to omit anything from our accepted framework of knowledge if it has proven itself to be true, whether or not we completely understand it scientifically.

I make the case for this approach to using tools that we don't completely understand in my article regarding my explanation for using the ancient art and science of Astrology in my practice. Just below is a link to an article from my Astrology website as well as a link to a brief YouTube clip where I explain this gravity analogy further.  - What IS Astrology?

Gravity Analogy for Understanding Astrology

So the answer as to how gravity works and as to how Astrology works is essentially the same at this point; it just does.

And while gravity is not completely explainable, it carries with it a wisdom like many other metaphysical tools and practices (including Astrology) which may still elude our complete scientific understanding. 


Gravity and Trust
Gravity itself requires the practice of 'trust' on two (2) levels. We must first trust that we will physically fall toward the Earth when we 'let go' and we must trust that the force itself exists despite the lack of a complete explanation for its existence.

And is there really a better non-physical example to demonstrate engaging in these two levels of trust than in our human concept of 'falling in love'?

Love itself, by definition, is 'unconditional'. It is the state of 'allowing' ALL to be 'okay' without judgement. And while we collectively refer to the experience of becoming vulnerable within a relationship as 'falling' in LOVE most of us, ironically, experience this process more as an exercise of engaging in a constant 'efforting' to prevent our 'fears' from coming true rather than as an opening to 'allowing' for unconditional love. I address this idea of approaching relationships 'IN fear' rather than 'IN love' in the following brief YouTube clip below:

In Love or In Fear? 

Love is a Choice
Despite our collectively agreed upon fairy tale concept of 'love' as something that happens to us, the reality is that deciding to approach relationships (or life itself)  'IN love' or 'IN fear' is ALWAYS a choice. It is both a choice to 'allow' ourselves to be loved unconditionally AND a choice to 'allow' ourselves to love unconditionally.

This is true whether we are are taking steps toward unconditional self-love in courageously engaging in the discovering of our true purpose OR we are opening ourselves to the vulnerability of unconditional love within a relationship (romantic or otherwise). Either way, we have to CHOOSE whether to 'allow' trust to guide us OR to engage in 'effort' to prevent our fears from coming to fruition.
As with gravity, this process of 'falling' in love is, by default, EFFORTLESS. We choose to trust that it exists, and then we step out of the way to allow it to 'BE' regardless of having a complete intellectual understanding of it. This is a more 'feminine' approach to the concept of love versus the more common 'masculine' approach of exercising effort to prevent our fears (i.e. rules, restrictions and conditions) within a relationship.


True Connection and Our Commonly Held Misunderstanding
Personally, I spend A LOT of time by myself and yet I seldom, if ever, experience what people commonly refer to as 'loneliness'. Ironically, I never feel more connected to the energy of  'ALL that is' than when I am able to spend some quality time to myself. This sounds counter-intuitive at first, but recognize that our common 3-dimensional masculine (black vs. white) approach over-simplifies the concept of 'connection' which is not that complicated to begin with, but which is commonly misunderstood.
Let me explain...

The over-simplified 3-dimensional concept of 'connection' goes something like this...

I am 'separate' from you and therefore in order to CONNECT with you I need to focus MY energy in a 'direction' from me TOWARD you. That is, I need to direct my energy outside of me. This is a demonstration to the universe that, in this moment, I am 'incomplete'. 

To me, projecting our perceptions of 'incompleteness' IS the source of ALL disharmony...period. Sovereign Harmony is essentially a relationship paradigm based on the concept of simply focusing our energy on our experience of personal 'wholeness' and unconditional self-love as a way to engender harmony within which invariably leads to harmony with others and with the rest of the universe. To me, peace and harmony in the world comes through a collective personal CHOICE toward energetic sovereignty and wholeness even though this may seem counter-intuitive at first.

In my opinion, the perspective of a '4th dimension' is just a recognition that we have an inner reality, or dimension, to our beings beyond the physical blood, flesh, and bones that we may consider to be 'inside' of us from merely an over simplified 3-dimensional perspective

From this perspective it is an effortless process to 'fall' toward our personal center while it takes much effort in any attempt to separate from our personal center. Making the CHOICE to follow the wisdom of gravity and to trust the process of 'falling IN love' with ourselves by going within (4th dimension) is the first step toward experiencing true connection with others and true connection with the rest of the universe.

When we FALL toward ourselves (within) we FALL toward the center of ALL. No matter WHERE we are in the universe, EVERYTHING physically 'falls' toward the center of ALL that is. This is the true wisdom of gravity and it has ALWAYS been that simple

Regardless of any religious dispositions, current research into the electromagnetic connection of ALL things is quite clear. In fact, research through the Institute of HeartMath and other institutions is beginning to reveal this ancient concept in a very scientific and literal sense. Click on the link above for more information on HeartMath and click on the YouTube clip below for another perspective on this concept of electromagnetic 'connectedness' through our 'hearts':

"Our Hearts ARE Electromagnetically Connected"

Perhaps gravity ONLY exists within a 4th dimensional perspective. Physical science assumes a 3-dimensional reality field and so perhaps gravity has no current scientific explanation simply because it doesn't actually exist from an oversimplified 3-dimensional perspective. 

Perhaps...but then again...WHO CARES

It works, right? And if there is wisdom in its simplicity regardless of any explanation for its physical existence, isn't THAT enough?


It is YOUR Choice
Make the CHOICE to love and trust yourself, to love and trust your life and to love and trust your purpose. This CHOICE inevitably leads to the 'experience' of BEing 'IN love' no matter what you choose to do in life OR with whom you choose to 'connect'.  

From this perspective, CHOOSING to effortlessly FALL in love with ourselves as a first priority IS the only logical path toward truly connecting with others.

Are you beginning to understand what I mean by living in a state of 'Sovereign Harmony'? 

If not, you will... ;)

Ahhhh....and RELEASE...

For another perspective on 'trusting life', click on the link to the following article from


Christopher Robert Taylor
Sovereign Harmony 
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Ditch the Pitch: Your 'Wholeness' Deserves More Than 30 Seconds

Oh, how I loathe the 30-second 'elevator pitch'...

Anyone who participates in networking activities as part of their business operations has surely had plenty of opportunities to rattle off their quickest 'grab your attention' sales pitch to explain their product or service offerings. This 'elevator pitch' is supposed to be short enough to be rattled off within a typical 30-second elevator ride in the case of meeting a potential client for a business opportunity in such a situation.

I find myself running into these networking opportunities VERY often. As someone who's service offerings are representative of WHO I am and not just WHAT I do, I get pretty frustrated with this expectation to 'contain' my-SELF into such a small and limiting box. The other day I was standing in a line waiting to give my personal elevator pitch at just such an event. As I anticipated my turn, I realized that, as a conscious business advisor, part of what I help small business owners to recognize in themselves is that they are MORE than just what they offer and that no 30-second elevator pitch can really reveal the true essence of WHO they are as that unique service or product provider.

Since I prefer to 'wing-it' when it comes to communicating my service offerings, my 'pitch' tends to reveal itself differently every time it leaves my mouth. Some people like to mechanically rattle off their very polished and memorized pitch in ways that they consider to be creative. "To each their own" but that method is just not for me. As I stood in line, I decided quickly that I would pitch myself as the guy who shows small business owners how to honor their wholeness by NOT squeezing themselves into a 30-second pitch. It felt right because it pretty much is WHAT I do.

Clever, right? I thought so.

In a room of about 50 or so people, there seemed to be no neutral responses to this declaration. Everyone seemed to react in one way or another to this unusual choice of mine. I also found it interesting that the responses appeared to fall within two primary camps; 1) fear and resistance OR 2) genuine resonance. The 'fear and resistance' camp responded with pensive looks on their faces as if they were quickly scrolling through their minds for all of the reasons why I must, not only be 'wrong', but that I must also be either lazy or incompetent regarding following the expectation to sum up my service offerings in 30 seconds or less. The 'genuine resonance' camp responded with the kind of look on their faces that a child has when they receive a gift for Christmas that they REALLY wanted but for which they had not even thought to ask. It was that perfect blend of surprise and excitement that fuels the creative fires of life itself.

While my first reaction to these responses was to see the responders as two very different 'types' of people, I quickly realized that both responses revealed a similar story relative to the experience and pain associated with 'smallness' syndrome. Say what?

I am not referring to the 'smallness' syndrome that inspires some guys to drive extra-large pick-up trucks with tires bigger than most other automobiles. If you don't understand this syndrome, I will not be explaining it here ;).

What I AM referring to is the collective agreement that we must be SIMPLY DEFINED in life. Our military-based school systems and the common militant parenting style combine to create this syndrome. By the time we are considered legal adults, we have experienced nearly two decades of NOT being good enough, safe enough, or ready enough to join in the process of life. Then, at the flip of a switch, we are expected to suddenly have our lives figured out in the form of having plans for our careers (i.e. choosing college majors etc.) and our lives in general. In other words, we are essentially expected to have a simply defined 30-second elevator pitch regarding what we are doing with our lives. But how can someone who has lived as though they are not good enough, safe enough, or ready enough suddenly be able to have a solid and yet simplified understanding of their own unwritten life? Its a ridiculous expectation and yet it is one of those 'common' collective agreements that is perceived to be 'natural' and healthy' (i.e. normal) just because it is common.

With regards to my recent networking experience, I soon realized that BOTH responses to my unusual pitch reflected this shared wounding experience. The only difference between the two response camps is in how they interpreted the 'truth' during their own personal wounding experience with 'smallness syndrome'.

The 'fear and resistance' camp represented those folks who had internalized the control-based fears of their authority figures and interpreted themselves as the 'bad' guys in the situation. In other words, they assumed that their authority figures were 'right' and that freshly legal adults 'should' be expected to wrap themselves into a simply defined box. While the 'genuine resonance' camp may have also followed through with the expectations of their authority figures at the time, these folks never quite internalized this expectation as the 'truth' for themselves. In other words, these folks just did what 'good' (i.e. obedient) 'small' people were told to do, yet never really internally concluded that they were actually 'wrong' for thinking otherwise. Their reaction to my pitch revealed that this spark of truth inside of them has yet to burn out.

So while the 'fear and resistance' camp were merely projecting their image of their perceived 'bad' or 'wrong' younger selves in my direction in response to my pitch, the 'genuine resonance' camp were experiencing a re-ignition of an old flame that still exists and burns inside of them to this day. Either way, my pitch stirred the emotional memories and imprinting of this wounding experience.

So how do we break away from this collective agreement to remain small? Better yet, how do we create new collective agreements that more appropriately reflect our truth and wholeness?

I won't answer those questions and I don't have to. My life experience has been one of often feeling as though I am 20 ounces of flowing, unbounded water and that life has, so far, only presented itself in the form of solid 8 ounce glasses from which to choose. Every commonly accepted path (i.e. careers etc.) has proven itself to be ultimately limiting and suffocating to my truth and wholeness. I guess this is why the 30-second elevator pitch has always frustrated me. It is a prime example of being expected to choose 8 ounces of water to present in solid form when I have 20 ounces to offer in 'flowing' form.

I often find that I easily fall into states of self-judgement regarding 'taking too long' when I speak or not explaining concepts in a 'simple enough' form, for example. Just yesterday, I sat down and channeled some information into a YouTube video for which I swear I was only speaking for 10-20 minutes. When I saw that it had actually been 51 minutes, my first thought was to redo it or to edit it down in size (i.e. make it smaller). Several years ago I would have done so. But at this point in my life, I have learned to live by some personal mantras like the ones below:

"It is what it is"
"Take the best and leave the rest"

In other words, if the information for the YouTube video came through me in 51 minutes then THAT'S what it is. If you only want to listen to parts of it, then that's YOUR choice. It isn't my responsibility to shrink down my expression to fit within the preferred comfort levels of those with whom I interact. And that goes for everything.

Even though I obtained a degree in Meteorology as an undergraduate student, I am NOT a Meteorologist. Even though I have worked with the ancient art of Astrology and have guided hundreds of clients using this wisdom as my primary guide and will continue to do so, I am NOT an Astrologer.

Incidentally, people love to introduce me as an 'Astrologer' which has a way of triggering my personal experience of the 'smallness syndrome' wounding process in my own life. This is just another way of saying that it annoys me and that I would prefer if I wasn't 'summed' up in this way. I certainly USE Astrology in my practice and I am still a big weather geek but these are just parts of WHO I am. I could go on with this or try to explain more deeply, but I think you get the picture.

So WHAT am I?

I could attempt to answer that question with my 20 ounces of water in a way that can fit into your 8-ounce comfort zone but realize that the answer you may get today will surely differ from the answer that you may get tomorrow for the very same question

In my opinion, we don't need to be expected to have an answer to this question. In fact, if we could come to some collective agreement in this regard and eliminate 'smallness' syndrome, I would be all for it. It's time to learn how to just enjoy the elevator ride again rather than using it to cram ourselves into its limits.

Let's take back our truth and wholeness!

If you are a small business owner or an individual who wants to expand into your truth and wholeness and to approach the world from the reality of WHO you are over WHAT you do, contact me below!

PS: If you are interested in reading a classic rant by a brilliant scientist who laments this idea of 'smallness' click on the link below for his book, "Listen, Little Man!". I read this book by Wilhelm Reich in about 3-4 hours one afternoon and broke into tears at least 2-3 times as I couldn't help but relate to his inner experience and frustration with 'smallness'. Reich was a misunderstood scientist ahead of his time who was working toward scientific understandings of tantric as well as free universal energy. The post WWII raids of many up-and-coming scientists (i.e. Nikola Tesla etc.) included Reich in their cross hairs. He was thrown into prison where he eventually died. In my opinion, this book is a classic and could benefit anyone who is about to enter the adult world.

Christopher Robert Taylor
Sovereign Harmony 
Awaken - Enlighten - Align

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Enlightened Self-interest OR 'Path-Illogical' Selfishness?

"It is more blessed to give than to receive."
- Jesus, Acts 20:35

I doubt it is possible to simultaneously possess the ability to read this blog post AND to NOT have heard some variation of the above classic Bible passage. Even outside of the confines of Christianity and of religion altogether, most of us have had this idea presented to us in some form. Due to misinterpreted messages like this, many of us suffer from a sense of deeply in-grained guilt when it comes to allowing ourselves to receive from others. One of the most common responses to this guilt is to turn ourselves into 'giving machines' that release our energy to others without a 'selfish' thought regarding our own needs. 

But is denying our own needs really 'unselfish'? And, is denying others the 'opportunity' to give to us by refusing to be a receiver for them actually an expression of selfishness?

In my opinion, the answers to these questions are 'no' and 'yes', respectively. More on this later...

The 'Implosion' of the Sun
The Sun is the source of the vast majority of all flows of 'energy' on Earth from the systems that provide for life on Earth to the structures of those life forms themselves. Without a constant stream of energy from the Sun, all of life and its processes on Earth would cease to exist with rapid succession. 

Wow, that Sun of ours sure is an unselfish 'giver'...right?
At first glance, it would appear that our Sun is just giving away its energy. If this were actually true, then the law of conservation of energy would lead to the depletion of the Sun's energy over ALL time intervals. Yet, our Sun 's temperature has actually increased over the lifetime of Earth. So, how is this possible?

Burning wood for a fire or burning gasoline for an automobile engine are examples of purely 'explosion' reactions which deplete a fuel source in order to release energy and heat to the surrounding environment. While the Sun will eventually 'run out of fuel', in terms of the lifespan of Earth, the Sun has actually built up a core fuel source of helium from the fusion of hydrogen. This has occurred through a process of 'implosion' which can be thought of as compressing 'in' upon itself in order to release energy but also to build up a helium fuel source at its core. In other words, the Sun has been giving energy to planets like the Earth through the process of focusing its energies on its own enlightened self-interest and NOT by simply giving itself away.

What if WE could incorporate this 'implosion' model for how WE exchange energy? Could we actually find a way to GIVE to others through the process of focusing on our own self-interests?

As someone who uses the ancient art of Astrology in my practice, I find it interesting and fitting that the archetype of the sign of Leo is considered to be 'ruled by' the Sun in modern western applications. The Leo archetype gets a reputation for 'selfishness' and being too overpowering to others with unconscious tendencies toward self-absorption. But as I tell my clients with strong Leo themes in their charts, it is through their willingness to focus on their own urge toward self-expression that the rest of us are blessed with these gifts that they are bestowing upon us. Well, kudos for win-win solutions!

Enlightened Self-interest vs. 'Path-Illogical' Selfishness
But how can this REALLY be? It turns out that there is a big difference between enlightened self-interest and (what I call) 'path-illogical' selfishness.

Most of us have been on an airplane and, if we've paid attention before takeoff, we've heard the flight attendants inform us to ensure that our own oxygen mask is secured BEFORE securing the mask on our child's face, if cabin pressure were to drop unexpectedly. 

Upon hearing this for the first time, many mothers react to these instructions with a declaration something like 'oh, I could never do THAT!' Much of the reasoning for such a reaction is related to the guilt we associate with self-interest and with our collective disdain for the perception of selfishness itself. But when we throw a little logic into the equation, we realize that a child's lungs are smaller and can handle a lower oxygen environment longer than an adult. Also, we realize that a living guardian is worth much more to a child than a dead, or brain-damaged guardian any day. Score '1' for the 'securing your own mask first' idea!

Whether we are parents or not, we all have the opportunity to serve as role models in how we choose to 'walk our path' in life. The way I see it, every individual has a unique path to walk in their own life and it is through choosing that path with courage and enlightened self-interest that we are able to shower the world with our gifts, while simultaneously honoring our authentic wholeness.

But, all too often, people (and especially young parents) will choose a path based on what they perceive that they 'should' do with their lives rather than what is most appropriate for their unique life-path. This pattern can get passed down over generations with each succeeding generation expecting that their own 'unselfish' sacrifice of their personal path will somehow open up opportunities for their offspring to find their own way. Instead, the offspring end up observing their parents as role models and either take on these 'should-based' roles like their parents or they reject these 'should-based' roles with expressions of rebellion by raising the 'white flag' with regards to even choosing to have a path. Those who take on the 'should-based' roles will project their lack of freedom onto those who rebel and onto those who choose paths of enlightened self-interest. This leads to strong judgements from those who perceive that the 'should-based' self-sacrificing path is the path of righteousness.   

We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It's one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it's another to think that yours is the only path.”
Paulo Coelho

Like Paulo above, I believe that we cannot compare apples to oranges. Every path of enlightened self-interest is unique and cannot be judged against another path. Before we can assess the actions of an individual, we must first understand the unique path of that individual. Its not surprising, however, that those who choose a path of enlightened self-interest tend NOT to judge the path's or actions of others on their own unique paths of enlightened self-interest. It is typically those who simply 'copy and paste' the 'should-based' self-sacrificing path OR that are rebelling against recreating these mechanical reproductions who tend toward this kind of judgement toward others.  

We have the power to choose a path of enlightened self-interest, knowing that we are honoring our own wholeness and sovereign essence all while bestowing our gifts to the world through the process AND allowing others to freely do the same. However, it is much more 'common' for people to choose the 'should-based' self-sacrificing path or to simply rebel against forging a path. Since these choices are more common, these choices are often mistaken as 'normal'.

To me, the word 'normal' is a description of actions and choices which are both 'natural' and 'healthy' toward a given intention. Yet, somewhere along the way, our collective psyche confused the word 'normal' with the idea of what is 'common' and we started aspiring to find ourselves within the 'safety' of the 'bell curve'. In statistics, this bell curve is even referred to as 'normal' distribution (see image to the left). What a mess! To me, both the 'should-based' self-sacrificing path and the rebellion against having a path are examples of 'path-illogical' selfishness

 "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" - Krishnamurti

How Do We Know the Difference?
Whether we choose to be on our own path, on a path predetermined by others, or on no path at all, we all have one thing in common...we are ALL on a path! But, if we are striving to be on a path of enlightened self-interest, how do we know whether or not we are on it?

Ah, the million dollar question....

The billion dollar answer to this million dollar questions is that only YOU can know and that requires balancing your logic with a strong sense of intuition. Coming into your own 'wholeness' where these masculine and feminine energies are balanced appropriately will leave you in a state of perpetual creative self-direction. This state of free energy (implosion) can't help but radiate out its harmonious siren. This model of 'implosion' is an ideal state of energetic 'Sovereign Harmony' where we can generate energy and not only NOT run out of it, but we are able to share our gifts with others while ever increasing our creative capacity

Okay, so maybe the actual answer to how do we 'KNOW' is a bit too deep and advanced for most people to fully digest. So, perhaps addressing how we know that we are NOT on a path of enlightened self-interest is more appropriate.

It is actually more common (i.e. it is considered 'normal') to be on a path of 'path-illogical selfishness' than it is to be on a path of enlightened self-interest. The tell tale signs of being on this more common path are feeling compelled to utilize fear-based self-preservation tactics and avoidance techniques when confronted with the discomfort of the unknown. Okay, so we ALL will do this at some point. The difference is that those on a path of enlightened self-interest will decide to face the discomfort and plow forward despite the fear and the threat of 'loss' along the way. Unfortunately, the more common response is to 'turn-back' and to use the fears we experience as the excuses and the 'proof' as to why the expected 'should-based' self-sacrificing path is the 'way to go' in life. We will even attempt to 'drag' others along with us, while convincing them to fear what we fear in life. After all, misery does love company. But, to me, its getting a little too crowded in here...

This would be 'okay', in my opinion, if there weren't others looking to us to be their role models as in the case of parenting. In my opinion, nothing is more detrimental to the emotional development of a child than being invaded (i.e. emotionally raped) with the fears that hold his/her parent(s) to the 'should-based' self-sacrificing path in life. This is the equivalent of smothering your child with the 'hot towel' in the airplane rather than helping them with their oxygen mask. As much as you feel 'comforted' by these tactics for yourself, you are not doing your child any benefit in terms of their own path toward self-determination.

So, in terms of being a role model, is it better to have no path or agenda at all then? Isn't it just easier to raise the white flag and decide for ourselves that the world is just too powerful and that we are victims of its powers no matter how hard we may strive toward our own path of enlightened self-interest? Maybe its just easier to 'do what we're told' and not have to worry about the struggle for self-determination. 

In my opinion, both choosing the path of 'should-based' self-sacrifice AND/OR choosing to disown the responsibility for creating a path in the first place are 'illogical' paths. That is, both choices lead to a life of decorating one's prison cell (i.e. comfort zone) rather than focusing on the path toward our own personal whole and sovereign freedom. To me, the word PATHetic comes to mind when addressing either one of these 'path-illogically selfish' choices. I refer to these paths as 'path-illogical' because both choices relegate a person to NOT moving forward in life and to remaining content within their own comfort zone while using 'guilt' and other tactics to entice prison visitors to spend time with them in their cells. No thanks.

These are 'illogical' paths because they lead us NOWHERE and they are 'selfish' because they only serve the fears of the person choosing to be enslaved by them.

But just as the word 'PATHetic' comes to mind when contemplating 'path-illogical selfishness', so does the word 'symPATHetic'. As much as it personally annoys me to be bombarded by the heavy energies of those insistent on 'path-illogical selfishness' and who misinterpret enlightened self-interest for 'selfishness', I realize that what traps these individuals are the layers of unhealed traumas and wounds from their own personal childhood experiences. 

This is why it makes sense to me that young parents are the least likely to exhibit a model of enlightened self-interest and most likely to choose a path of 'path-illogical' selfishness while assuming that those on a path of enlightened self-interest are actually the 'selfish ones

Becoming 'whole' and sovereign is part of the path of enlightened self-interest. Part of this process is integrating ALL of ourselves including our old traumas and wounds. It is through this unconditional acceptance (i.e. unconditional love) of ourselves that we become 'whole' and therefore 'healed' in the process. But guess what? We have to be willing to face all of our temptations along the way which will entice us to simply follow along with 'path-illogical' selfishness as most 'normal' people do. We have to be willing to crawl on our hands and knees like we did as a child when we originally experienced our wounds and we have to be willing to GET DIRTY in the process.

Crawling Our Way To Freedom 

"Andy Dufresne, who crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side.
- Red, "The Shawshank Redemption"
Let's face it...the only way OUT of a mess is THROUGH that same mess! Each of us has our OWN mess to tend to and so each of us has our OWN personal list of temptations that may deter us from our own path of enlightened self-interest. But, for ALL of us, avoiding temptation when our unique 'stuff' comes up is difficult and 'messy' because we have to re-experience everything that we rejected and refused to experience throughout our lives. Only now we are dealing with it all at once and, usually, on our own. No wonder its uncomfortable! That's why it behooves us to have some symPATHy for ourselves as well as for others as we work through these processes.

In "The Shawshank Redemption' Andy not only gifted himself with freedom when he tunneled his way out of Shawshank Prison, but he also 'gifted' a degree of freedom for the other inmates through his own act of enlightened self-interest.

As a model human being (but especially as a parent), the most well-rounded example of a human that one can set is that of someone leading a life according to their own enlightened self-interest while still maintaining a sense of respect for the self-interest of others whether or not the enlightened path of others are similar to our own. But our path must be both 'logical' AND able to 'gift' others through its own process of unfoldment.

In addressing the original questions from the beginning of this post...

"1) But is denying our own needs really 'unselfish'? 2) And, is denying others the 'opportunity' to give to us by refusing to be a receiver actually an expression of selfishness?" 

1) No, denying our own needs is actually quite 'selfish', especially when you consider WHY we deny them (i.e. clinging to our own fears). Denying the pathway of our own enlightened self-interest is indeed a 'selfish' act since it prevents ourselves and others from receiving our gifts. 

2) Yes, refusing to be a receiver of gifts (especially refusing the gifts of our children in order to prevent the annihilation of our perceived status as 'important provider') is actually another form of 'selfishness'. In my opinion, not allowing others to share their wholeness with us in an unconditional manner is more suffocating and debilitating to another's sense of self-worth than any set of words can ever perpetrate. 

And yet, these 'normal' acts of self-denial and refusal to receive continue to be considered nomination material for 'Mother of the Millennium' awards by the vast majority of our world culture. In my opinion, something is seriously 'unhealthy' and 'unnatural' regarding the reality of this outdated collective agreement for what is considered to be 'normal'.

 To Give Or To Receive?
Whether you agree or not, according to modern science, 'time' as an absolute frame of reference does NOT exist. So, if we contemplate the reality that there is NO time and that the only EXPERIENCE we can have NOW is based on what ACTIONS we choose to take in the moment, then the process of 'giving' something IS the EXPERIENCE of HAVING that something in the first place. Conversely then, choosing to TAKE in the moment yields the EXPERIENCE in the NOW of NOT HAVING whatever it is that we are choosing to TAKE. 

The last paragraph may require re-reading a few times to digest. But give yourself a break if you don't 'get it' the first time you read it. Once you 'get it', the Jesus quote from the beginning of this blog post may suddenly have a whole new meaning for you. Contemplating that old Bible quote without the guilt we've been fed regarding the idea of receiving can be mind blowing!

When we are willing to claim our path of enlightened self-interest and to do what it takes to 'heal' and to reclaim our wholeness, we can reach a point of balanced internal energies (i.e. logic and intuition) where we are in a position of inner security from which it is more natural (i..e. normal) to 'trust' ourselves and our place in the world. The more that people attain and maintain this state, the more harmony can reign in the world.

This is my personal vision of what I refer to as the state of...Soverign Harmony...

So, in closing, DO as Jesus said at the beginning of this post, and GIVE! But just remember to 'give' us the BEST and ONLY thing you have ever really 'had' to give to anyone...the gift of YOU! And do feel 'free' to take as long as you 'need' to discover the uniqueness of your own authentic self...

I think I speak for all of us when I say that YOU will be worth the wait...

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Christopher Robert Taylor
Sovereign Harmony 
Awaken - Enlighten - Align