Sunday, June 28, 2009

Uncanny Timing

Michael Jackson’s sudden passing certainly was shocking to us all. But what made it even more shocking to me and dozens of my Facebook friends was that one of my friends actually ‘predicted’ the event before the actual passing! The timestamps on the Facebook posts clearly show that the ‘prediction’ was made approximately 2 hours before his actual death! As an artist of timing (i.e. Astrologer) this prompted me to look at my friend’s natal chart and current planetary transits to see if there was anything occurring that would indicate an opportunity for such an uncanny prediction.

I’ve known this person for well over a decade and I am familiar with his tendency toward futuristic proclamations. While some of his ‘prophecies’ actually do occur in some form, most do not. However, I will admit that when he is ‘on’ he is typically ‘DEAD on’. This most recent example was no exception.

I have been researching metaphysical phenomenon for several years now and have talked to many practicing ‘psychics’ along the way. After much feedback and in combination with my own intuitive sense on the matter and with the realities of modern quantum physics, it is my conclusion that, in reality, there is no future. There is only the eternal ‘now’ moment of potential energy.

When people make accurate predictions of ‘the future’ it is actually less of a glance at the future and more of an assessment of the potential of ‘now’. The more factors you can take into account when making an assessment, the more accurate you are likely to be regarding any outcome. This is why a computer model that has more accurate input produces more accurate results. With ‘psychic prediction’ what’s really going on is that the ‘psychic’ is simply using more resources (i.e. extra-senses) than the average person in making their assessment. Everybody has access to more sensing resources than they typically use but some people are just more pre-disposed to using these ‘extra-sensory’ resources. But even those who are pre-disposed to using these extra-senses need to practice them and work with them to perfect their usefulness. Practice makes perfect after all.

Our modern society certainly doesn’t condone the consideration of any senses outside of the 5 accepted physical senses. As I write this, my TV is on in the background. Since we all know that there are hundreds of channels I could choose from right now, it would be ludicrous for me to suggest that the only channel that exists is the one within my physical awareness. The point is, other senses or realities can exist simultaneously while outside of our awareness. After all, can you see in infrared? I know I can’t. Yet infrared energy is being emitted by EVERYTHING that is above absolute zero in temperature (this basically means everything in the universe as we know it). So yes, real phenomena do occur outside of our immediate conscious awareness. But I digress…

Astrology certainly supports the concept that everyone at least has the potential for tapping into these extra-senses that connect us to the undercurrents of our existence. Every chart involves all of the zodiac signs, all of the houses, and all of the planetary bodies. But the configurations of these energies differ between each chart yielding information regarding unconscious pre-disposition and inclination. What I wanted to find out for my friend’s was the following:

1) Is there any pre-disposition toward tapping into the extra-sensory realms in his natal chart?

2) Was there anything to indicate that there was potential for tapping into this energy at the time of his prediction?

Natal Chart with Current Transits (in green) (click to enlarge)

In astrology there are 4 basic elements (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water). Fire energy represents where we obtain our intuition, inspiration, and initiative. Earth energy represents our ability to ground and make things real and useful. Air energy represents our ability to logically conceptualize, think, and communicate. Finally, water energy represents our ability to feel, connect, and grow. This represents four general elements of experience. Yet all of the 5 physical senses, of which we are aware, fall under the realm of earth energy. The other three energies are then unrepresented with regards to our sensory mediums. So, all of the other sensory mediums that may exist would fall under the fire, air, and water energies even though we have yet to define what these senses may be.

My friend’s natal chart is pre-dominantly made up of fire (red) and water (blue) energy. He also lacks air (orange) and earth (green) energy, relative to the average person. Though he may have to work harder at conceptualizing and grounding his ideas into reality, this represents someone who easily receives information and inspiration on an intuitive level and who easily connects to the undercurrents of life. His fire energy includes his Sun in Aries and his Ascendant in Sagittarius making this energy even stronger in this overall chart. His water energy not only includes his Moon, which is very important, but also a Grand Trine (three 120° angles) between planets in water signs (notice the blue triangle). This Grand Trine is made up of a Moon/Mars conjunction in Pisces, Uranus in Scorpio, and Jupiter in Cancer. A Grand Trine is a connection between planets in all 3 of one element (in this case it’s all three water signs). These planets in the Grand Trine are also in water houses (4th, 8th, and 12th) amplifying the effects associated with this watery Grand Trine.

Water energy is the energy we would link most significantly to a connection to extra-sensory perception. People with a lot of water energy (myself included) are typically very sensitive and can easily feel out a room and gauge the general flow of the existing temperament. In general, a Grand Trine means that the energy flows so smoothly between the planets that unless it has opportunities for grounding it into reality, the energy tends to remain pretty dormant and unconscious. There is great potential (planets in water signs) for tapping into the extra-sensory realm and there is also an intention (planets in water houses) to do so in this life. However, since there is no impetus to utilize the water energy on a regular basis the fire energy tends to lead the way in his most outward personality while the influence of the water energy remains more unconscious. People with this kind of energetic set-up will tend to draw logical and practical people into their lives as a way of balancing themselves out energetically.

This brief assessment of his natal chart is just the tip of an enormous iceberg of information. But I will just leave it at that for the purposes of this article.

So were there any transits (green planets on the outside of the chart) moving through his chart that suggested an opportunity for tapping into his dormant water energies? The first thing I looked for was where the triple conjunction between Neptune, Jupiter, and Chiron in Aquarius falls in his chart. This triple conjunction started in May 2009 and will continue off-and-on through the end of 2009. This triple conjunction is the first of its kind since 1945 and the first in Aquarius in thousands of years! It is present somewhere in everyone’s chart and where it falls has significance. In this case, it falls in his 3rd house of communication, information, ideas, contracts, siblings, and day-to-day interactions.

Taken alone, each planet’s position here can be interpreted. Neptune rules all that is mystical and difficult to explain logically. In general, it can be said that Neptune represents ‘psychic’ attunement. This planet has been traveling through his 3rd house since early 2005 and will continue in that house for another decade or so. We usually only recognize the experiences related to Neptune as a background influence since it is very slow moving. Positively this can be a time of receiving mystical information and intuitive insight. Negatively it can point to a time of deceit and to ideas which seem impossible to ground into reality. This would be mostly due to a tendency toward over-idealism.

Jupiter is considered the benefactor of the planets and usually its transits represent times of expanded opportunity. Jupiter just entered his 3rd house in the spring of 2009 and will not completely exit this house until mid-late 2010. This represents a time of opportunity with connections and contracts as well as an ability to find the write answers or words for situations.

Chiron is described as ‘the wounded healer’. It represents our ability with regards to wounding and healing and, when transiting, represents times of heightened sensitivity. Since early 2005 and through the spring of 2010, Chiron is in his 3rd house as well providing opportunities to bring up and heal old wounds related to a sense of belonging and connecting as well being validated for one’s own ideas and insights.

The overall feel to this triple conjunction in his 3rd house, which lasts for most of 2009, is a background energy of heightened opportunities for validation for his intuitive perceptions (i.e. extra-senses). With this in the background, there may be other opportunities for intuitive validation throughout the course of 2009 in addition to his accurate prediction of Michael Jackson’s death.

Along with this background influence was a couple of other brief aspects that combined together at just the time of the prediction. One of these aspects was an ingress (or entry) of the Sun into his 8th house. The 8th house is a water house and is considered the house of the subconscious mind and our ability to dig beneath and utilize hidden information (i.e. extra-sensory potential). The 8th house also rules death itself. The Sun travels through each house once a year for approximately one month. When it is crossing the threshold of a new house (cusp), it is a potent time for the expressions of the energies of the new house. In his case, the Sun was within 1 degree of his 8th house cusp on the day of the prediction. This signifies a brief heightened awareness in terms of tapping into his subconscious realms and death. This aspect was active for approximately 48 hours and occurs once per year.

Finally, that brings us to the other aspect which involved the location of transiting Mars and Venus. Remember how I mentioned that he has that Grand Trine in water in his natal chart that lays dormant most of the time unless there is something to ground it into use? Well the day of the prediction fell right into a ~72-hour period that was RIPE specifically for grounding this energy in his chart. Mars and Venus were moving through the earth sign of Taurus which is a sign that represents the epitome of grounding. Mars represents our action principle and, when transiting, shows us where we are focusing our action energy. For him, Mars was traveling through his 6th house of work, service, health, details, and accuracy. The 6th house is also an earth house which amplifies the grounding effects.

So what does Mars in an earth sign have to do with the Grand Trine in water signs?

Mars wasn’t just in the very earthy sign of Taurus but, mathematically speaking, it was within orb of an opposition (180 degrees) to Uranus in Scorpio (12th house) which is one of the planets that is part of the Grand Trine. This means that Mars was also forming a sextile (60 degrees) aspect to both Jupiter in Cancer (8th house) and his Mars/Moon conjunction in Pisces (4th House). All three points in the Grand Trine were activated. If you think of the Grand Trine as a kite floating in the sky, this kind of transit represents an opportunity to tether that kite to the ground! Picture a red line cutting across the blue triangle from Uranus in the 12th house to the transiting Mars/Venus in his 6th house.

More specifically, a Mars transit that opposes your natal Uranus is a once per two year event that provides an outlet for surprising, lighting bolt-like experiences associated with the actions we take. Venus in close vicinity to Mars just added a sense of creative energy to the prediction and even more amplification to what this transit represents. Also, this grounding of the extra-sensory potential in his Grand Trine occurred in the 6th house. This explains the level of accuracy in the prediction since the 6th house rules our meticulous attention to details!

In conclusion:

The triple conjunction of Neptune, Jupiter, and Chiron in his 3rd house combined with the Sun entering the 8th house and with Mars/Venus grounding the potential energy in the Grand Trine. The synchronicity of these three events represented a rare opportunity for tapping into his potential for extra-sensory perception and for opening him up to expanded opportunities for validation of his intuitive insights due to the high level of accuracy in this very specific prediction associated with death!

So there it is. We’ve shown astrologically that there is at least the pre-disposed potential in his chart for a connection to the extra-sensory realms and for the ability to access a more encompassing sense of what is occurring in the ‘now’. Also, the current transits in his chart yielded information about the specific opportunity to tap into these realms and to sense from a wider perspective what was happening in the world when he made his prediction. I think it’s very possible that he opened his intuition at the moment that he asked himself the question as to who he felt may lose their life that day. The answer came to him like a lighting bolt based on the conditions that he unconsciously sensed about Michael Jackson at the time of the prediction. Even though Michael didn’t die until 2 hours later, the events leading up to the death were in motion at the time of the prediction. It is these existing conditions of ‘now’ that he sensed, and not a pre-destined event in the future.

Like with all predictions, the outcome here could have been avoided. In this case, nothing was done to avert the conditions that my friend had sensed and so events unfolded without interruption. I am not implying that my friend should have done something about his premonition and warned Michael, for example. That would be a pretty ridiculous expectation considering his level of unconsciousness regarding his own extra-sensory perception potential and his level of difficulty in actually connecting with Michael Jackson even if he wanted to connect with him.

But it is important to note that, even in the case of tapping into the extra-sensory realms, the only predictions that come to fruition are the ones that are not intercepted. A computer model’s results are a reflection of the accuracy and depth of detail for the input that is uploaded into the model. The same is true for so-called ‘psychic’ prediction. The result of prediction is only as accurate as the amount of information resources being utilized at the time of the prediction.

The more thoroughly you can tap into the conditions of the present time, the better you can assess the trajectory of the current conditions. This is why psychological and emotional conditions can disrupt a reading by a practicing ‘psychic’. These conditions can sometimes block energy flow and therefore prevent the transmission of potentially useful information.

Everyone has access to the extra-sensory realms but some people can tap into it more easily than others. Either way, without practice, extra-sensory information usually does more harm than good as it typically leads to confusion when it is not grounded into something useful in our daily lives. And even with good practice and conscious awareness, being able to assess a trajectory of someone’s life based on current conditions (i.e. predict) is useless unless there is a willingness in the recipient of the information to be conscious of their own choices in each moment.

Living unconsciously with regards to our conditioned responses and habits leaves us at the mercy of our reactive inclinations. But with pure conscious awareness we have complete free will in our choices and everything in our lives is unpredictable! Ultimately, predictability is a function of consciousness. The more conscious you are of yourself in every given moment the less predictable you become!