Thursday, January 15, 2015

MERCURY RETROGRADE: Remembering Universal Connection Amidst the Illusion of Separation

In the practice of Astrology, there is probably no planetary scenario that renders more FEAR and negativity on a more frequent basis than that of the planet Mercury shifting into 'retrograde' motion. This APPARENT reverse motion occurs roughly three times per calendar year and is actually just an ILLUSION as the planet is really just completing its revolution around the far-side of the Sun relative to our Earthly perspective. Mercury revolves around the Sun approximately three times in one calendar year on Earth. So, for roughly a three-week period, three times per year, Mercury moves in 'apparent' reverse motion through the zodiac before returning to forward motion once again.

The archetype that 'connects' us in terms of communication and/or distance (i.e. travel) is said to be governed or 'ruled' by the planet Mercury in the practice of Astrology. So, when Mercury is in reverse motion and essentially 'leaving its post' at the helm of all that relates to CONNECTIVITY in the world, the logical conclusion is that this theme of life on Earth will be DISRUPTED. And a quick web search on 'Mercury Retrograde' is bound to bring up copious writings from various sources referring to these time periods as if they are to be AVOIDED like the plague for this very reason. However, we cannot avoid these times regardless of their reputation for being periods when our CONNECTION devices may go haywire or cease to operate altogether.

Some of these 'devices of connection' include but are not limited to the following:
-Nervous system (i.e. our brains and the CLARITY of information exchange in general)

As a practitioner of Astrology for over a decade, I have to admit that in my experience, these times DO seem to correlate with an increase in disruption in terms of things like lost information, scheduling mishaps, automotive hiccups, computer crashes and the like. Despite this, I disagree with the general PERCEPTION that these seemingly 'negative' experiences do not serve an overall positive purpose in our lives.

Let me explain...

In my opinion, ALL IS CONNECTED. So, to me the planet Mercury actually governs the ILLUSION OF SEPARATION that we 'take on' during our Earthly experiences. And if we are never REALLY separated from the ALL, then it is only a PERCEPTION that we REQUIRE devices in order for us to experience CONNECTIVITY on Earth. So, these ILLUSORY time periods of Mercury moving in retrograde motion can be perceived as periods when the ILLUSION OF SEPARATION is being temporary lifted. And it is this lifting of the 'veil' of separation that renders devices that require SEPARATION in order to function to instead temporarily struggle with proper operation.

In the movie Forest Gump (1994), there is a scene where Forest is running from the school bullies while wearing his leg braces which were intended to straighten out his back and to help him 'connect space' (i.e. move about by walking). Its only during this time of APPARENT struggle that he realizes that his braces are unnecessary and, in fact, HINDERING his ability to 'connect space' even FASTER (i.e. running)! Forest's stressful encounter is similar to the stress that we may experience when we suddenly NEED to make a CONNECTION using one of our devices during a Mercury retrograde only to discover that they are malfunctioning and that their 'malfunctioning' is suddenly getting IN the way of our intended connections!

From this perspective, a Mercury Retrograde period is nothing more than a reminder of our unwavering CONNECTION to the universe by affording us the OPPORTUNITY to recognize the ultimate futility of our connection devices which only operate in a space where SEPARATION is a 'reality' and which actually HINDER our intentions for TRUE connections.

Mercury's propensity to remove the veil of separation while in apparent retrograde motion is also why Mercury Retrograde periods have been associated with time periods of improved INTROSPECTION and why people born during these periods seem to have a easier ability to connect WITHIN themselves. As it is only by going within that we TRULY can connect to our HEARTS which is our own personal portal to our connection with the ALL anyway.

Along with introspection, Mercury Retrograde periods are also invaluable for helping us FINISH things in our lives as we can more easily obtain closure with projects, relationships and any other unfinished business. From this new perspective, the reason for easier 'completion' during these periods is that we are actually being RE-connected to those creations that have gone by the wayside. Its as if all perceived BARRIERS (i.e. distance, visibility etc) are removed temporarily allowing us to RAPIDLY address any unfinished business. That sounds like a POSITIVE attribute of Mercury Retrograde periods to me!

So, as Mercury moves in retrograde motion, the ILLUSION OF SEPARATION is temporarily dissolved and we are simultaneously INVITED to RE-connect to the universe as the 'devil's' perceptions of separation are revealed to be unfounded.

Its no wonder the symbol for Mercury looks like it has 'devil horns'!!..Lord, lead us NOT into the temptation of SEPARATION ;).

On a more predictive note, all three Mercury Retrograde periods in 2015 will occur entirely within the three 'air signs' of the zodiac. Air signs represent our SOCIAL connectivity and EXCHANGE of information and ideas. So, using this new perspective on Mercury Retrogrades, 2015 is an opportune time to take advantage of these periods (see below) to RE-CONNECT to the universal TRUTHS about our selves on a collective level.

These will also be times when SECRETS can be revealed to the masses as previous DEVICES (i.e. lies, lack of transparency, media manipulation etc.) intended to separate us from the TRUTH are rendered less operable!

Mercury Retrograde periods for 2015:
Jan 21 - Feb 11 (0 - 17 degrees Aquarius)
May 18 - June 11 (5 - 13 degrees Gemini)
Sep 17 - Oct 9 (1 - 16 degrees Libra)