Monday, March 4, 2013

Walking the Talk and Living in Authentic Wholeness

After a rewarding 5 years of interpreting the astrological charts for other individuals and assisting them in aligning with their personal truth in an empowered way, it is now time for ME to finally 'walk my talk'.

My path is just not that of a personal 'counselor' and I know that now. My sensitivity is my greatest gift and it has assisted many clients with whom I have worked and yet, in the best interest of my own path and my own health, I realize that this sensitivity is better applied toward collective empowerment. My nature is that of an educator and a 'reflector' of truth so that others have the opportunity to interpret the truth for themselves. My own astrology chart has assisted me with this self-understanding.

At some point, I may decide to TEACH others HOW to interpret their own charts and how to use their own charts as a navigation tool for self-understanding and empowerment for themselves personally and/or collectively.

Note that we are ALL going through this kind of self-realization of truth in our own lives right now.

See video just below for details on this 'March Madness' awakening culmination.

I will continue to USE astrology in my life and in my work as long as it WORKS for me. But ultimately, the time has come for me to direct my attention toward teaching others on a more collective level how to fish for themselves rather than catching fish FOR them.

Speaking Topics:
"The Sacred Wisdom of Sovereign Authority"
"Sustainable Energy Management from the Inside-Out"
"Conscious Business for an Evolving Economy"
"Weather or Not?: Changing the Climate of Collective Empowerment"

Conscious Business services:
Conscious Business Owner
Company Wellness
 Stress Management
Team Building
Conscious Business Strategy
Social Responsibility/Sustainability
 Sustainability Education

Family Harmony services:
Group Dynamics
 Spousal Disagreement
 Conscious Parenting
 Sibling Rivalries

Thanks and enjoy!

 Our 'March Madness' Awakening Culmination

Christopher Robert Taylor