Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy YOU: The 'New Agreement'

So, Wall Street and many other financial centers around the world are being occupied by protesters. But what is the underlying motivation for the protests and what is the ultimate goal from this whole protesting process? Do we have any solutions?

If you are like me, then you are finished with the 'old agreement'. This the agreement where we (the '99%') hand over our authority to employers, bankers, and whomever else we deem 'worthy' in exchange for our security, safety, & our 'right' to survive and live. To me, this is finished.

Recognizing that the old agreement of individual devaluation just isn't working and that we need a 'NEW agreement' that reflects the value of our rare and unique input that we BRING to society is what I see as the heart of this movement. The process of losing our supposed sources of value (i.e. jobs, homes etc.) has revealed to us a new perception of self-worth and the collective realization of this new awareness IS what the Occupy Wall Street movement is all about!

The 'Titanic' IS sinking, despite its apparent 'un-sinkability' according to the authorities to whom we have handed our power. Just as WE have chosen to be a part of the old agreement, we have a choice in how we react to the collapse. We can panic and point fingers or we can play our 'music' and trust that we can swim until we figure everything out.

Hold on for the ride, things WILL get better! But in a whole new way that actually WORKS!

That's the way that I see it anyway, but you are FREE to take the best and leave the rest...

Thanks for watching!

For more on the reality that the current system (The Titanic) is sinking and that a new paradigm is emerging, check out this great article by Daniel Pinchbeck:

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Does the Mayan Calendar Actually End in 2011 & NOT in 2012?

As we approach the year 2012, confusion and speculation surrounding the ancient Mayans’ calendar system is at an all-time high. If you watch the History Channel or have kept up-to-date with Hollywood releases over the last few years then you, like most people, probably assume that the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012.

The first thing to address regarding this assumption is that the Mayans, along with most ancient civilizations, utilized multiple calendars. Our modern western-dominated culture utilizes only the Gregorian calendar which has the sole purpose of tracking commerce and taxes that coincide with the seasons and agricultural interests. While the Mayans had a calendar like the Gregorian calendar for tracking these very important purposes (Haab calendar), they also had calendars for tracking time from more spiritually significant perspectives. One example is the Tzolkin calendar which is a 260-day cycle comprised of thirteen (13) intentions and twenty (20) aspects of creation. The purpose of this daily calendar is to track the flow of creation and according to the Mayans; the day that you are born represents an outline of your life intention and purpose for this life. A typical Mayan is much more likely to ‘care’ about what day it is according to the Tzolkin calendar than according to their Gregorian-like Haab calendar which only tracks practical affairs.

The Tun calendar (360 days) combines with the Tzolkin calendar to form the Calendar Round which recalibrates every ~51+ years or so. In ancient times, this was a once in a lifetime event and traditions for its ending and new beginning included eradicating all debts and extinguishing all fires. The Long Count calendar covers a much longer time period and is broken into five (5) ‘Great Ages’ that are each approximately 5,125 years. A complete cycle is, therefore, just under 26,000 years. This is the calendar that the History Channel features almost exclusively. The assumption with this calendar is that since we are actually completing the 5th Great Age of the greater 26,000-year cycle that ‘the end’ must be near. While living during the time of the conclusion of this 5th Great Age is rare, leaping to the conclusion that the end of the world is coming seems far-fetched to me.

By far, the most intriguing calendar from the Mayan’s would have to be the Underworlds calendar. This calendar tracks the evolution of consciousness over time and most of the research into understanding this calendar and its timeline has been compiled by Carl Calleman and Ian Lungold. What makes this calendar so unique is that it tracks time from the beginning (~16.4 billion years ago) of creation until the end of creation. It has, therefore, never ended before and it only has one ending date slated for October 28, 2011. In fact, based on the work of Calleman and Lungold, the Tzolkin, Tun, and Long Count calendars are all slated to end and re-start on October 28, 2011 as well. So what happened to the December 21, 2012 date with destiny? It’s really a matter of the calibration of the start dates for the calendars for which there exists contention. Depending on when you set the starting dates, October 2011 or December 2012 could represent the re-calibration time periods for the Tzolkin, Tun, and Long Count calendars. However, for the Underworlds calendar, October 28, 2011 is the ending date. But the ‘end of creation’ that this represents by no means portends to the ‘end of times’.

The evolution of consciousness though the Underworlds calendar includes nine levels of consciousness development (see photo). Each of these nine levels is divided into thirteen equal segments consisting of seven ‘days’ and six ‘nights’. The length of these ‘days’ and ‘nights’ reduces twenty-fold when moving up each level of consciousness. For example, the lengths of each ‘day’ and ‘night’ through the second level (Mammalian) of consciousness are twenty times less than that of the first level (Cellular) and the lengths through the third level (Familial) are twenty times less than those in the second level (Mammalian). This represents the concept of ‘time acceleration’ or ‘time compression’ as we move up through the levels.

In general, the ‘day’ periods represent awakenings and growth of consciousness for that particular consciousness level while the succeeding ‘night’ period represents the application of what was awakened in the previous ‘day’ period. The seventh and final ‘day’ periods represent the culmination and fruition of the particular consciousness development for that level (i.e. formation of the first cell at the entrance of the seventh ‘day’ of the Cellular cycle ~1.26 billion years ago is the culmination of ‘cellular consciousness’).

Here is an example that is uncanny in terms of timing. We entered the seventh ‘day’ period of the seventh level (Planetary cycle) around 1992. This level of consciousness was about developing a ‘planetary’ awareness or consciousness. This cycle initiated ~1755 AD (the start of industry/pollution) and with each ‘day’ period our awareness of being connected as a planet grew:

4th day – Telephone
5th day – Radio
6th day – TV
7th day – Internet

We are currently racing through the ninth and final level (Universal Co-Creation) from March 9, 2011 through October 28, 2011 (18 earth days per ‘day’ and ‘night’ period). On October 11, 2011, we will enter the seventh ‘day’ of this cycle and for 18 earth days we will be in the seventh ‘day’ period for all levels of consciousness development. After October 28, 2011, the creation story will be complete. But what does this mean? Personally, I see the entire 16.4 billion year period of ‘creation’ as the gestation period and the end of this period as the ‘birth’ of the co-creative process as we realize that we are all one energy.

When it comes down to it, it is your choice which date that you believe the Mayan calendars end and it is your choice to either welcome the potential new era or to fear the end of the way of life that you know. What will you choose?