Thursday, July 19, 2012

Conscious Business for the New Economy

Business transparency, environmental awareness, personal growth and social connectivity are transforming consumer demand as well as the small business economic model. Small business owners can keep up with the demand of this rapid paradigm shift by learning how to run their business operations using more conscious approaches.

A ' conscious’ business owner is one that is clear about his or her  intentions and is also open to revealing and eliminating any unknown blocks and unconscious habits that prevent either themselves or their business from totally thriving. Only when fully conscious can a business owner truly achieve a sense of personal internal wholeness as well as a sense of external harmony with employees, vendors, clients, competitors and the natural environment.

My services through Sovereign Harmony are based on a ‘relationship harmony’ philosophy whereby I foster the development of independence, empowerment and wholeness within my clients and within their business operations. My mission is to lead my clients 'to the light' by not leaving them in the dark. I approach this process of 'enlightenment' by addressing the idea of ‘sustainable management’ of energy from the inside-out. It starts with the small business owner as I assist him or her in unveiling the truth regarding their unconscious relationship with themselves. From there, I address their business' employee intra-office relationship dynamics and their business' outside market relationships with vendors, clients and the natural environment; in that order.

I use a combination of ancient and modern tools to assist small business owners in re-aligning with their original intentions and passions that have gone by the wayside during the course of 'business survival' operations. The intentions behind my services include revealing hidden and unconscious blockages, recognizing original intentions and potentials and re-establishing conscious alignment between the business owner and their business.

The emerging economic paradigm has inspired me to utilize a non-traditional 'relationship consulting' model whereby my clients learn what they need from me and apply it under the direction of their own power. I am an educator first, and I aim to leave my clients with a sense of self-empowerment to enact change and with the personal responsibility to decide whether or not to take action on what they have learned.

Through my 'relationship consulting' model I provide  temporary business advising services where I use my clients’ personal sense of empowerment and a steady stream of referrals for new business opportunities as the metrics for measuring my success. Unlike most traditional consulting models, I do not measure success by the length of time in which a clients need me or my services to survive. It is more important to me that my clients have truly learned how to adapt their business models toward the emerging economic paradigm and that they feel empowered enough to thrive on their own.

I also will not hold a business owner accountable for enacting change over time like a traditional business coach. I will only lead a horse to water but it is up to that horse to both decide whether the water is worth drinking and whether or not they choose to take a drink.

I embody the Sovereign Harmony relationship harmony philosophy through my services and through my business model. I trust that I will continue to be lead in the direction of business owners in the greater Sacramento area who desire to optimize their small business products, services and operations through the pursuit of truth and personal responsibility. For more information, visit my website at or contact me via email at