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The Astrology of 'Nothing' - Part 2 of 5: Elaine

I am a big fan of the show “Seinfeld” and I can’t get enough of the syndicated episodes even though it has been off the air for over a decade. I literally cannot go a day without recalling an episode triggered by my daily life experiences. As an astrologer, I am bursting with curiosity as to how the characters’ fictional birth charts may look.

I love to speculate on the planetary configurations of the people I meet when there is a distinct personality trait that stands out. I do a decent job at guessing people’s astrological make-up but most of the time I am incorrect. Ultimately, astrology is just too complex to allow for such simple extrapolations based on a few personality characteristics.

But I thought it would be interesting to at least attempt to sum up the basic astrological make-up of the four main characters (Jerry, Elaine, George, & Kramer) of “Seinfeld”. This analysis is complete conjecture as there is no way of actually knowing the astrological make-up of a set of fictional characters. But over this series of articles (5 parts), I will explore my assessment of the ‘Big Three’ (Sun, Moon, & Ascendant) for each of the four main characters. I will also discuss how these configurations play out in their collective relationship as well as in their individual relationships. For simplicity, I will use the ‘Whole House’ system of astrology.


Fictional Chart for Elaine (click to enlarge)

Part 2 of 5: Elaine

Elaine is educated, feisty, fun-loving, freedom-seeking, and holds strong to her ideals. She is a modern woman in a man’s world who takes her own initiative and travels often. Her inner awareness of the big picture makes it difficult for her to sustain the minutia that Jerry and George indulge on a daily basis. Combined with the fact that she works in publishing, I think it is safe to say that Elaine has a Sagittarius Sun.

But this fiery inward nature is often masked by a deep sensitivity to her environment and to the people around her. Her father was an intimidating and frightening presence and she developed antennae to distinguish safety zones from danger zones. Because of this, she is very protective (i.e. protecting her coworker from ‘bad-boy’ George), defensive, and moody while posing as a champion of the underdog (i.e. the fur of defenseless animals). She also has a keen awareness of how her coworkers feel about her (i.e. the ‘palpable’ feeling of secret ridicule she experienced from her coworkers after her office party dancing display) in the office. And though she can certainly take care of herself with humans, she developed a fear of dogs (even small ones). With these observations, I feel she has a Cancer Ascendant.

A Cancer Ascendant places her Sagittarius Sun in her 6th house of work and service. Also consider that she works in publishing (Sagittarius) and is more comfortable in subservient roles (i.e. serving Mr. Pitt and the fiasco that resulted from her taking over the Jay Peterman catalog). The placement also reiterates her issues with other people’s pets. Also note that she travels often for work-related reasons (i.e. Myanmar, the Tunisian Desert, etc.). A Cancer Ascendant puts Capricorn on her 7th house of relationships which makes sense as well. Whether she is dating a controlling psychiatrist or going on an obligatory date with a stationary store guy because he went through so much trouble to order her pencil, the Saturnian quality to her relationships is present.

And speaking about relationships, how about her on again off again shenanigans with Jerry’s mechanic, David Puddy? She certainly has a short fuse that goes off with a bang but quickly quiets down just as suddenly. She is as impulsive with ending her relationship with Puddy as she is with re-initiating it. Her emotions are a rollercoaster ride and unlike Jerry, she isn’t the least bit afraid to express them. She is also brutally honest in her responses (i.e. distaste for “The English Patient” movie), needs independence, and is liable to knock you on the floor with a push and a ‘GET OUT!’ when you surprise her with new information. This fiery emotional disposition sounds an awful lot like an Aries Moon to me. And a Moon in Aries falls in her 10th house of career, reputation, and public image. She is a career woman who is very sensitive to her role in society. She has also been put on public display due to impulsive decisions like allowing Kramer to photograph her for her Christmas cards only to expose her nipple to the her friends and family, tarnishing her public image. In addition, quick career moves like being put in charge of the Peterman Catalog were often part of her career picture.

These elements create a complex character in Elaine. While she is independent, feisty, and can take care of herself in a man’s world, she also possesses an innate sensitivity that results in a protective layer and invites relationships that want to control her in some way. For example, at the Yankees/Orioles game she showed up with an Orioles hat at Yankee Stadium. She was from Baltimore and adamantly defended her home team (Cancer Ascendant) and her right to where any hat she pleases at a baseball game (Sagittarius Sun). When ordered to remove her hat (Capricorn 7th house), she responded by fighting back (Aries Moon). This was then shown on television potentially tarnishing her reputation (Moon in the 10th house).

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Part 5 of 5: Cast Relationships

This assessment is just my personal take on the energies of the “Seinfeld” cast and their interactions. I am sure there are dozens of potential views on these energies. But there is no way to actually prove or disprove my suggestions for these fictional characters.

So what is your take?

Thanks for reading!

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