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The Astrology of 'Nothing' - Part 3 of 5: George

I am a big fan of the show “Seinfeld” and I can’t get enough of the syndicated episodes even though it has been off the air for over a decade. I literally cannot go a day without recalling an episode triggered by my daily life experiences. As an astrologer, I am bursting with curiosity as to how the characters’ fictional birth charts may look.

I love to speculate on the planetary configurations of the people I meet when there is a distinct personality trait that stands out. I do a decent job at guessing people’s astrological make-up but most of the time I am incorrect. Ultimately, astrology is just too complex to allow for such simple extrapolations based on a few personality characteristics.

But I thought it would be interesting to at least attempt to sum up the basic astrological make-up of the four main characters (Jerry, Elaine, George, & Kramer) of “Seinfeld”. This analysis is complete conjecture as there is no way of actually knowing the astrological make-up of a set of fictional characters. But over this series of articles (5 parts), I will explore my assessment of the ‘Big Three’ (Sun, Moon, & Ascendant) for each of the four main characters. I will also discuss how these configurations play out in their collective relationship as well as in their individual relationships. For simplicity, I will use the ‘Whole House’ system of astrology.


Fictional Chart for George (click to enlarge)

Part 3 of 5: George

“It’s not a lie, if you believe it.” George’s “whole life is a lie.” Whether he is lying about Vandalay Industries, being an Architect, or his dead fiancé being a beautiful model, George is always portraying himself as something he is not. In addition, he is easily swayed by others, lacks personal confidence, and avoids work as well as confrontation. He is also quite sensitive (i.e. crying when the policeman yelled at him for bootlegging movies and when he needed more time for the wedding with Susan) and quite creative when it comes to seeing the big picture and coming up with plans of action (i.e. the roommate-switch scheme with Jerry). When I think of the essence of George I see a Pisces Sun. Of course for comedy-sake, George exhibits almost exclusively the more negative qualities of Piscean energy.

However sensitive and undefined he may be on the inside, George is able to portray an image of intelligence and competence which results in him being hired for jobs without much effort. One example is being hired by the Yankees on the spot and another is when he was hired before the interviewer could even finish his sentence about the company. Like Jerry, he is also one to analyze situations to death. He is also self-judging (i.e. “I’ve lived my whole life in shame, why should I die with dignity!?”) aims to please, and is able to maintain his lies for long periods of time while covering all of the crucial details of his stories (i.e. the elbow twitch with Lloyd Braun). In my opinion, it takes a Virgo Ascendant to pull that off. This places his Pisces Sun in the 7th house of relationships and other people. This is a configuration of someone who puts in a lot of effort to portray themselves as the opposite of who they really are. It’s interesting to note that his job with Yankees resulted on a day when George decided to do the opposite of his instincts for every decision.

His Sun in the 7th house also reveals a real desire to please others and to get other’s approval. It was only through a conversation with Jerry that George decided to ask Susan to marry him. Then he still wanted Jerry’s approval as to whether she was good looking or not. With Pisces in the 7th house, it’s hard to define boundaries in his relationships and there is a tendency to over idealize potential mates. This was abundantly clear when it was revealed to him that he was Marisa Tomei’s type and that she was single. He blurred the boundaries of his engagement with Susan, then over idealized and misled Marisa Tomei in order to meet with her in the park.

George always learns that hard way that you can’t please everyone all of the time. There is almost an emotional compulsion within him to attempt it however. In fact, when he finds out that a woman dislikes him, he actually finds her more attractive because he wants to find what it would take to please her. When feeling vulnerable George can create the most ridiculous topics of conversation just to keep things going and to divert attention from himself. Whether it’s talking about being good at driving in reverse in his car or about the merits of the word ‘manure’, he can spin a conversation with the best of them. He is also attached to his own verbal creations and works hard at his delayed comebacks (i.e. ‘jerk store’). This leads me to believe that he has a Libra Moon. The combination of his Sun in the 7th house and a Moon in Libra creates whole new levels of people-pleasing antics.

This Libra Moon falls in his 2nd house of self-worth, values, and resources. He no doubt exhibits a high sensitivity to money fluctuations and to his spending habits (i.e. he’s cheap). And who can forget his obsession with getting his $20 back from the cashier at Monks? He also experiences large income fluctuations from being unemployed and living with his parents to working for the Yankees. A great example of this configuration is when he wanted the approval (Libra Moon) of the clerk at Passano’s for tipping him (Moon in the 2nd house) adequately but the clerk did not notice. The Moon in the 2nd house also reveals a misdirected sense of self-worth at the hands of his mother, Estelle. After all, he “never could compete with Lloyd Braun!”

These pieces of George can be summed up in one episode where he wanted to get back at a woman for humiliating him on a date and never calling him again (i.e. the red shirt fiasco). In this episode, George offered to give Jerry a ride home from the airport (Virgo Ascendant) but in reality he was wearing a red shirt that the woman had stained as she humiliated him years ago. She was at Jerry’s apartment for a baby shower and George hoped that driving Jerry home would allow him to run into her. He had been working on his comeback (Libra Moon) for this act of humiliation (Moon in the 2nd house of self-worth) for years. But when he actually tried to confront her, the situation got turned around and he found himself humiliated again and helping her carry her gifts to her car (Pisces in the 7th house opposing a Virgo Ascendant).

Part 1 of 5: Jerry

Part 2 of 5: Elaine

Part 4 of 5: Kramer

Part 5 of 5: Cast Relationships

This assessment is just my personal take on the energies of the “Seinfeld” cast and their interactions. I am sure there are dozens of potential views on these energies. But there is no way to actually prove or disprove my suggestions for these fictional characters.

So what is your take?

Thanks for reading!

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