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"What Kind of Astrology Reading Should I Get?"

As an astrologer, this is a question I hear often. Of course my initial response to this question is almost always to say, “The only thing you should do is stop using the word ‘should’.” But rather than discuss the obligatory approach to life that people who ‘should’ themselves to death are accustomed to, I’d like to attempt to answer the question at hand.

With astrology, there is a smorgasbord of possible consultations in which one could participate. There are many styles of astrology including Western, Vedic, Chinese, etc. But even within just Western astrology there are many types of consultations. The bottom line is that it really depends on the kind of information in which you are interested. But if you have previously never experienced an astrological consultation then a Natal Chart Analysis is a good starting point.

Natal Chart Analysis

A Natal Chart Analysis is a thorough and comprehensive overview of an individual’s core intentions, life challenges/growth and unique talents based on their birth time and place. This is often referred to as the ‘Birth Chart’ as well. My Natal consultations cover everything from personal inclinations to past life karma with the intention of uncovering your unconscious motivations and imparting you with wisdom so that you can regain empowerment over your own life choices. With this consultation you can walk away with a higher consciousness of your life intentions as well as a better grasp of the unconscious motivations that block you from achieving these intentions.

Learning how to gain control over your unconscious responses can be a very powerful experience toward aligning with your truth!

The information that you need for the most accurate and useful Natal Chart Analysis is typically found on your birth certificate and it includes the following:

-Birth date: (i.e. April 27, 1965)
-Birth time: (i.e. 6:38 PM)
-Birth location: (i.e. Seattle, WA)

Once you’ve experienced a Natal Chart reading and have digested the information enough to understand yourself from this new perspective, you may be ready to explore other types of consultations.

Sample Natal Chart from Astrodienst
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Astrology Forecasts

Forecasts are what most people typically think of when it comes to astrology. But if you want a forecast that is based on your own unique chart and valid only for you then you will need to dig a little deeper than the typical newspaper sun-sign forecasts with which most people are familiar.

Once you have experienced at least one Natal Chart reading to enlighten you with regards to your soul intention and unconscious blockages it becomes very valuable to assess where you are on your journey and what opportunities and challenges are on your plate and/or on your horizon. There is a plethora of forecasting methodologies available including transits, progressions, return charts, solar arcs etc. Depending on the astrologer, they will use some combination of methodologies like these in coming up with a forecast.

While some people want to hear about specific events that ‘will’ occur in their life during a forecast consultation, the reality is that astrology can only reveal the potentials and alert the client in terms of where their power lies relative to circumstances. A client open to the process learns quickly how they alone possess the power to make their own life choices. An astrology forecast simply arms the client with extra resources and alternative perspectives to help them welcome circumstances into their life as part of a continual growth process instead of trying to block out life circumstances that don’t fit into their expected mold for their lives.

I get plenty of feedback from clients regarding the accuracy of ‘predictions’ and how pleased they were to feel more equipped to handle their circumstances due to their consultations with me. These same clients will often ask me how long they should wait for another forecast consultation. Based on how I structure my consultations I usually recommend to ‘check in’ once per year. My forecast consultations typically cover a period from several years previous to the meeting through approximately 1-2 years into the future. So once per year is a pretty good measure of time in between forecasts.

In fact, the Solar Return Chart Analysis is a great ‘once per year’ chart consultation that reveals themes for the client for the measure of one entire birthday year. This is a chart derived for when the Sun returns to the same location in the zodiac it was when the client was born. This occurs once per year within a day or so of their birthday. One drawback to the Solar Return consultation is that timing is relatively non-specific with the chart. I personally feel that giving the client an accurate sense of timing for life circumstances on their horizon is more valuable to them and provides more opportunity for prognostic feedback. I will often recommend getting a Solar Return reading in conjunction with other forecasting modalities to better sync a sense of timing with the consultation.

While these once a year forecasts make great birthday and holiday gifts for New Years, sometimes there are situations that come up in between these time periods where an astrological perspective may be beneficial. Such is often the case with relationships.


Whether it’s with a romantic partner, business partner, friend, or family member, relationships are pretty complex organisms. Based on the Natal Charts of two individuals, an astrologer can assess the dynamics between them in terms of attraction, projection and opportunities for growth. The connections between two charts, called ‘synastry’, can be very revealing in this regard.

An astrologer can also analyze the couple in terms of their collective energy using what are known as Composite Charts and/or Davidson Charts. These charts look at the relationship as a 3rd entity; separate from the individuals that form the pair. A chart like this can be thought of as a ‘user manual’ for the relationship and can offer insight into the unique dynamics that exist within this pairing.

If both individuals are open to it, this can be a very powerful tool for growth and healing. This reading is NOT for finding out if someone is your soul mate but instead is a tool to assess how to work constructively with the existing dynamics within the relationships that you choose. Deciding on with whom to spend the rest of your life is always the choice of the individual.

While a relationship analysis is traditionally applied in terms of life partners and exclusive romantic relationships, this method can also be adjusted and applied to any interaction between two people including siblings, friends, roommates, parent/child, boss/employee, etc.

The feedback that I have received for my relationship consultations has been very positive. Couples that are looking to astrology to enhance their ability to understand each other and to communicate their differences find it very beneficial. Also, individuals that come to me regarding a relationship that they are questioning often receive the validation they are looking for to help them better make a decision regarding the future of the relationship in question.

Looking for an Astrology Consultation?

This article barely scratches the surface with regards to the types of astrology readings available and in terms of how astrology can be used. But my intention here is to introduce the basic make-up of astrology consultations and the value of forecasts and other astrological assessments in one’s life.

For more information on the personal consultations that I offer please visit my website at and go to the Personal Consultations tab.

Thank you for reading!

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