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Total Solar Eclipse of the Century!

The title is no exaggeration! Actually the upcoming total solar eclipse, which peaks at 12:35am EDT on Wednesday, July 22, will be the longest lasting eclipse until 2114! See my previous article, “Lunar Eclipse, Round 1”, for a short description on the significance of eclipses.

This particular total solar eclipse occurs at 29° Cancer and will be in a smooth trine aspect to Uranus at 26° Pisces. It will also be in an almost exact conjunction with the lunar south node which is why it is such a long lasting eclipse in the first place. Depending on where this lands in your own personal natal chart, this eclipse is likely to lead to some type of ego-release and filtering in order to make room for some potentially surprising new developments. Its one of those ‘blessing in disguise’ kinds of experiences that looks invaluably helpful in retrospect but which may provoke anxiety and uncertainty in the present. With Uranus in such a cooperative angle to the eclipse, any surprise developments are bound to work out for the better but not before our egos get a dose of reality first!

The connection to the lunar south node indicates that these new developments may actually be related to something we were involved with in the past. Some of the ego-filtering may relate with having to deal with things we thought we had left behind but which are now suddenly in our faces to be resolved once and for all. But it may also be a case of receiving some kind of karmic reward for past involvements. Either way there will certainly be a period of strain as we deal with the unexpected changes even if they do end up helping us in the end. It’s always difficult recognizing our lives unfolding for the better in the long run when we are stuck in the moment trying so hard to keep things so unnaturally status-quo.

This eclipse is even more potent for my personal mini generation. For those born from August 1978 through June 1979, this eclipse will land within range of your natal Jupiter. And if you were born in early September 1978 or in March or April of 1979 (this includes me), this eclipse will be exactly on your natal Jupiter! The effects of this eclipse could manifest anytime over the next few months with mid-October 2009 being especially potent for finalizing conditions set in motion at the start of the eclipse. Mars reaches 29° Cancer in mid-October triggering resolution and completion with regards to our own personal issues brought up on or shortly after the eclipse on July 22.

For those with a birthday at or near July 22 in any year, there will also be extra emphasis for you associated with the eclipse.

Jupiter makes its trip around the zodiac once every 12 years or so. This means that other people outside of the date ranges mentioned above will also feel the affects of an exact conjunction to their natal Jupiter landing at roughly 12-year intervals (i.e. those born around 1954-55, 1966-67, 1978-79, 1990-91, etc.).

Jupiter gives us an indication of where our generosity, sense of adventure, and expansiveness lie. It’s considered a very benefic planet whose only downside is a tendency toward over-optimism and over-doing things. So depending on where this falls in our personal natal chart, it signifies where we can tap into the qualities just previously mentioned and where some potentially fortunate occurrences may precipitate in life.

For example, I have Jupiter at 29° Cancer (the exact location of the eclipse) and in my natal 11th house of groups, humanity, hopes, friends, and goals. Having Jupiter in my natal 11th house lends me to finding friends/associates in ‘high places’ when I am involved in activities that are aligned with my spiritual path. I also tend to excel in group settings where there is a common organizational goal. Traditional astrological texts would pronounce that having Jupiter in the 11th house is like having a genie in a bottle…eventually all of your hopes and wishes will be granted. Sounds great but I don’t personally buy into that interpretation. In general it just means that there may be fortunate circumstances in life related to organizations and working on mutual goals…but not without personal effort in those regards. But I digress…

Out of everyone that has their Jupiter at or near 29° Cancer, approximately 1/12 of you will also have Jupiter in your 11th house like me. But the rest of you will have Jupiter in any one of the other 11 astrological houses (see your own chart to find out where it is for you). For the people born within the time range mentioned above, this total solar eclipse will exactly conjunct your natal Jupiter (in whatever house it may be) and will also be connected beneficially to Uranus in Pisces. For me, the eclipse will land in my 11th house and contact Uranus in my 7th house of relationships. But if the eclipse fell on your natal Jupiter in your 2nd house, for example, then the connection would be to Uranus in your 10th house. There are many combinations that are completely dependent on the set-up of your own personal natal chart.

A brief potential interpretation for the eclipse relative to my personal configurations could go something like this:

My goals are suddenly altered due to meeting a new business partner and/or marriage partner who gives me support and new ideas for a different direction than I have been headed. Since Jupiter is also the ruler of my 4th house of residence, home, and roots, this sudden meeting could also result in relocation that I didn’t see coming.

This is just one creative interpretation but no matter what the actual outcome of this eclipse is for me, if I were to approach a situation like this with fear and resistance, my experience would be one of anxiety and discomfort since I would have to decide to leave my old goals behind and possibly my old home behind to pursue the new venture. However, if I approach the same situation with openness and a willingness to detach my ego from my old goals and embrace the new opportunities then the experience may be perceived in a richer and more beneficial light. In the end, it’s all up to the chooser to define his/her own experience.

Location of Current Total Solar Eclipse Configurations

Solar Eclipse – Sun/Moon @ 29° Cancer

Uranus – 26° Pisces

The effects of this eclipse may ripple out as long as a few months with initial conditions starting at or near the eclipse date (July 22, 2009) and resolutions and/or follow through for the initial conditions occurring in mid-October 2009 when Mars reaches the degree of the eclipse at 29° Cancer.

General Advice:

Let go of your ego attachments in some area of your life associated with the past and/or your status-quo way of dealing with things and make room for new developments that will benefit you in the long run.

Good luck!

To find out where all of this is happening in your own personal natal chart and for a look at other configurations currently showing up in your chart schedule a personal consultation with me today!

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