Monday, July 6, 2009

Lunar Eclipse, Round 1

It’s eclipse season! And this time around we are getting three in a row instead of the typical two per season that we usually see. It all starts with the full moon lunar eclipse that peaks at approximately 5:21am EDT on Tuesday, July 7.

I am personally fond of lunar eclipses. For starters, there was one occurring when I was born! Also, I have retained a picture of a lunar eclipse that was occurring over the city of Boston as my lap top wall paper since the photo was taken the night the Red Sox won Game 4 of the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals in October 2004. An article on the significance of that particular lunar eclipse relative to the Red Sox is pending.

Eclipses usually occur two weeks apart from each other twice per year. Each series typically includes a lunar eclipse followed by a solar eclipse or vice versa. But for the first time in 7 years, we will experience a lunar eclipse (July 7), solar eclipse (July 22), and finally another lunar eclipse (August 5). A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is partially blocking the moon from the sun during a full moon. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon blocks the sun from the Earth during a new moon. Full moons and new moons are astrologically potent time periods anyway, but the eclipses just add some amplification and usually a little dose of the unexpected!

Astrologically speaking, new moons are generally a time of sowing seeds while full moons are a time of reaping what we sow. Where a new moon falls in our personal natal chart represents a time of new beginnings and laying new foundations in the parts of our lives represented by the astrological house that is highlighted. Where a full moon falls in our personal natal chart represents a time of sudden awareness, revelation, culmination and completion in the parts of our lives represented by the astrological house that is highlighted. Eclipses just add some spice and surprise to these time periods.

Ancient astrologers saw eclipse seasons as especially potent time periods with regards to wars and the fate of nations. I personally prefer to look at eclipses relative to the lives and relationships of individuals. In this regard, eclipse seasons are often potent times for unexpected change in terms of surprise new beginnings and to final culminations of things which have been building for some time. I will discuss the upcoming solar eclipse and August’s lunar eclipse in later articles. For now I will just focus on this lunar eclipse which is upon us.

This current lunar eclipse will peak at approximately 15° Capricorn and it will be in conjunction with the north node of the moon. This represents a time of culmination and an influx of energy. When we are open and flexible in the face of change, this can be a rewarding time where we experience the culmination of past efforts. If we have been creating against our best interests or if we have been keeping things under the surface, this may mark a stressful time of culmination with regards to the release of our secrets or the results of our less than stellar creations. The experiences of this nature would be felt within the domain of the astrological house that encompasses the location of this eclipse at 15° Capricorn. You would need to consult your own natal chart to find out where this position falls for you.

For example, this point falls in my natal 4th house which is the house covering our basic foundation, our emotional base and even our physical home itself. For me and everyone else who has 15° Capricorn in their 4th house this could mark the culmination of a big relocation/move or it could mark a time of one’s heart opening up to an influx of emotion (the emotion could be of a positive or negative nature depending on other factors). It could also mark a period where family members or someone from the native home is going through a struggle. Finally, it could relate to a malfunction of some appliance in the home where the repair has been postponed…until now!

This makes sense to my life right now because I will be discussing a possible relocation for a new job this week. The discussions have been going on for over a month but have been stalled. This could easily be the culmination one way or another regarding my decision to relocate or not. The areas of concern for this eclipse will greatly differ depending on the actual astrological house in question.

When other planets (current or personal natal planets) are in aspect to the eclipse it adds even more layers to the basic premise of the interpretation. For example, those people with birthdays on July 7 (+ or – several days) and January 6 (+ or – several days) will likely feel very personal experiences related to this lunar eclipse. Also, for this particular eclipse, Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) is in a beneficial aspect to the eclipse so this will add some stability to any culmination that occurs allowing for new conditions to become more easily grounded into our lives.

The combination of the house location of the eclipse, its aspects to other current planets, and its aspects to the personal natal planets yields a very unique interpretation for each individual. For the best results in this case, find out where this lunar eclipse and Saturn fall in your natal chart. Then find any planets or personal points in your natal chart that are also aspected by these configurations. Or, go to my contact page of my website for a personal reading!

Location of Current Lunar Eclipse Configurations
Lunar Eclipse - Moon @ 15° Capricorn, Sun @ 15° Cancer
Saturn - 17° Virgo

The effects of this eclipse could have been felt as early as July 1 and can be felt as late as July 20.

Browse back here in a couple of weeks where I will discuss the potential of the most potent total solar eclipse of this century (not an exaggeration) occurring on July 22!!

Happy Eclipse Season!!!

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