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Solar Eclipse - 7/11/2010

Its eclipse season again! This most recent round started off with the full moon lunar eclipse that peaked at approximately 7:30am EST on Saturday, June 26. Now the follow up to this initial eclipse is the new moon solar eclipse which peaks at approximately 3:39pm EST on Sunday, July 11.

Eclipses usually occur two weeks apart from each other twice per year. Each series typically includes a lunar eclipse followed by a solar eclipse or vice versa. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is partially blocking the moon from the sun during a full moon. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon blocks the sun from the Earth during a new moon. Full moons and new moons represent astrologically potent time periods anyway, but the eclipses just add some amplification and usually a little dose of the unexpected!

Astrologically speaking, new moons are generally a time of sowing seeds while full moons are a time of reaping what we sow. Where a new moon falls in our personal natal chart represents a time of new beginnings and laying new foundations in the parts of our lives represented by the astrological house that is highlighted. Where a full moon falls in our personal natal chart represents a time of sudden awareness, revelation, culmination and completion in the parts of our lives represented by the astrological house that is highlighted. Eclipses just add some spice and surprise to these time periods.

Ancient astrologers saw eclipse seasons as especially potent time periods with regards to wars and the fate of nations. I personally prefer to look at eclipses relative to the lives and relationships of individuals. In this regard, eclipse seasons are often potent times for unexpected change in terms of surprise new beginnings and to final culminations of things which have been building for some time.

This particular solar eclipse occurs at 19° Cancer and will be in a smooth sextile aspect to Mars at 19° Virgo. It will also be in a conjunction with the lunar south node. Depending on where this lands in your own personal natal chart, this eclipse is likely to lead to some type of release that is necessary to allow for new beginnings. This is one of those ‘addition by subtraction’ influences. We have an urge for new beginnings in some area of our lives but cannot move forward without relinquishing some baggage first. We become blatantly aware of how we have allowed the past to paralyze us and we feel a strong need to purge before we can follow our new urge.

With Jupiter in a square to Pluto, this purging and release may happen much more rapidly than we may anticipate. Also, with Mercury in a trine aspect to Jupiter and Venus in a trine aspect to Pluto during this eclipse, the transition between releasing and moving forward may be surprisingly smooth.

The experiences of this nature would be felt within the domain of the astrological house that encompasses the location of this eclipse at 19° Cancer. You would need to consult your own natal chart to find out where this position falls for you. For example, this point falls in my natal 10th house which is the house covering career, reputation, and recognition. For me (and everyone else who has 19° Cancer in their 10th house) this could mark a new beginning related to a new career move, for example. But this new move may require releasing some existing career goals and intentions.

My natal Sun, Moon, Uranus, Pluto, and Ascendant all lay within a few degrees of exact aspects with this eclipse. This may suggest some potentially important decisions that will have to be made about my direction in life. This may mark a time when taking a risk could be beneficial for me. But balancing intuition and logic would be the key to a more harmonious outcome regarding any decisions I may make.

Generally speaking, this eclipse falls within a smooth sextile to Mars in Virgo. The urge to take concrete action toward any new ideas/goals may be sufficiently strong enough to allow for this kind of rapid release. Don’t be afraid to go for it!

The combination of the house location of the eclipse, its aspects to other current planets, and its aspects to the personal natal planets yields a very unique interpretation for each individual. For the best results in this case, find out where this solar eclipse and the other planets involved fall in your natal chart. Then find any planets or personal points in your natal chart that are also aspected by these configurations.

Location of Current Annular Solar Eclipse Configurations

Solar Eclipse – Sun/Moon @ 19° Cancer

Mars – 19° Virgo

The effects of this eclipse may ripple out as long as a few months with initial conditions starting at or near the eclipse date (July 11, 2010).

General Advice:

Make room for new developments that may benefit you in the long run and don’t be afraid to take a new direction. If it feels right, release what has been holding you back, and then go for it! Good luck!

To find out where all of this is happening in your own personal natal chart and for a look at other configurations currently showing up in your chart schedule a personal consultation with me today!

Eclipse Report Sample!

Happy Eclipse Season!

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