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Jupiter Conjunct Uranus: “Growing Through Surprises”

From May 2010 through January 2011, the outer planets Jupiter and Uranus are forming a conjunction (0°) with one another for the first time since February 1997. This is also the first conjunction of these planets in Aries since 1927-28. This pits the planet representing expansion, optimism, society, and growth (Jupiter) in cohesion with the planet representing authenticity, rebellion, rapid change, and technology (Uranus).

Just like with the Moon’s phases, the other planetary bodies go through their own phases relative to the Earth. Like a New Moon, the start of any coupled planetary cycle begins with their conjunction (same location in the sky). As the faster planet moves away from the slower planet, eventually it comes to a 90° angle (waxing square) to it, followed by the 180° opposition (like a Full Moon), the second 90° angle (waning square), and then the cycle finishes when a new cycle between the planets is born at the next conjunction. See below for the basic outline of the process including the associated energy of each of these important climax points in the planetary cycles:

Conjunction (0°) – Birth and creation.
Waxing Square (90°) – Tension due to growth.
Oppostion (180°) – Culmination and results.
Waning Square (270°) – Tension due to decay.

The Jupiter/Uranus cycle takes approximately 13 years to complete and represents a social, progressive, and surprising cycle as the expansive energies of Jupiter combine with the rebellious energies of Uranus. This cycle represents things like technological advancements, quick social changes, and surprises for example. Usually, at the start of these cycles, new technological achievements are hatched. As time moves on, there is usually some tension related to those decisions that come up for review around 3+ years later when Jupiter and Uranus make their first (waxing) square to each other. Then another 3+ years pass and Jupiter makes an opposition to Uranus. This opposition is the time where the culmination or results of those ideas and of the decision making that started at the conjunction bear their fruit. Then the second (waning) square represents a time of decay and last minute decisions related to the same energies birthed at the start of the cycle.

Below is a look at the most recent conjunction of these two planets in Aquarius as well as the current Jupiter/Uranus cycle in Aries/Pisces relative to US issues and concerns, followed by a look at where we are in the current Jupiter/Uranus cycle.

Most Recent Jupiter/Uranus Cycle (1997 – 2010) in Aquarius

Jupiter conjunct Uranus (February 1997)
Immediately following the last Jupiter conjunction with Uranus in the sign of Aquarius (sign of universal brotherhood, equality, and technology) in 1997, several related movements occurred. One was the rapid growth of the internet as a daily technology for both business and pleasure. There was also a major merger between Dean Witter and Morgan Stanley to the tune of $10 billion. In addition, the Dow Jones closed over 7,000 points for the first time and ‘Dolly’ became the first successfully cloned sheep.

Jupiter waxing square to Uranus (July 1999 – May 2000)
Over this time period, America Online buys Time Warner for $162 billion creating the largest corporate merger in history in January 2000. Then in April of 2000, Microsoft is found to be in violation of US antitrust laws and the bubble essentially bursts. Also, in May of 2000, Bill Clinton announced that GPS technology used by the military would be made available to the people. This waxing square period was a time to make adjustments to that which was initiated during the conjunction period in early 1997.

Jupiter opposite Uranus (August 2003)
This time period included a wide-scale power blackout in the eastern US and southeastern Canada. Also, shortly after this period a 12 yr old girl is sued for downloading music from the internet illegally. In addition, US Spacecraft Voyager begins to escape the earth’s pull as it drifts slowly away. Finally, the hottest temperature ever recorded in London occurs in August as part of the most intense heat-wave in modern European history. This time period represents what was birthed in 1997 and what grew and was adjusted in March 2000.

Jupiter waning square to Uranus (January 2007 - October 2007)
The IPCC completes a 3 year study and concludes that humans are very likely the cause of rising global temperatures world-wide. Barbara Morgan (backup for Christine McAuliffe who died in the Challenger explosion) is part of a mission aboard the space shuttle Endeavor. Finally, two teams of scientists, one in Wisconsin the other in Japan, announce they have discovered a way to make embryonic stem cells without using embryonic stem cells.

Current Jupiter/Uranus Cycle (2010 – 2022) in Aries/Pisces

Jupiter conjunct Uranus (May 2010 – January 2011)
What new technologies and social movements will occur this time around that will set the stage for the next 13 years? This conjunction first occurs at 0° Aries which represents the start of the zodiac. Whatever is birthed over the rest of 2010 into early 2011 you can bet it will have far reaching implications. This may include anything from surprise cures to diseases to new free energy technologies just to name a couple of potentials.

Jupiter waxing square to Uranus (August 2013 – April 2014)
Whatever is hatched around 2010 it will come up for review during this time period. With Saturn in opposition to the first Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in June 2010, rampant growth that is often related to these time periods will be kept at bay somewhat allowing this period to likely be less jarring than usual.

Jupiter opposite Uranus (December 2016 – September 2017)
Maybe cures that were initiated around 2010 get a chance to be spread to the world? Maybe oil is replaced as the primary fuel for transportation due to policies and discoveries initiated in 2010? Guess we will have to wait and see.

Jupiter waning square to Uranus (January 2021)
Who knows??

It appears that the themes for the most recent Aquarius cycle (1997-2010) related mostly to a focus on the internet and the space program. The rapid growth of the internet created a fast-growing monopoly on technologies from Microsoft and resulted in the need for adjustments in 2000 when Microsoft was found to be violating anti-trust laws. Then in 2003, the results of rapid growth and easy accessibility revealed itself when a 12 yr old girl is arrested for downloading music illegally. With foresight and proper regulations neither the ant-trust suit nor the music download case would have been necessary. But mostly Jupiter/Uranus cycles are about rapid growth without restriction. However, the emerging cycle from 2010-2021 starts with an opposition from Saturn, the planet of restriction, likely resulting in a more controlled growth model for this period for whatever is initiated.

Regardless of what actually occurs during this current conjunction time period (May 2010-January 2011), the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction of which we are currently in the midst is about the birth and initiation between optimism (Jupiter) and change (Uranus). Watch especially the two week periods surrounding the exact dates listed below for the most activity in this regard.

Jupiter/Uranus EXACT Conjunctions

June 8, 2010 – Aries 0°
September 18, 2010 – Pisces 29°
January 4, 2011 – Pisces 27°

When Jupiter and Uranus are in a conjunction it is time to embrace a new round of optimism (Jupiter) and technology (Uranus). Seeds are being planted for the next round of 13 years and it’s up to us to direct the sprouts of these seeds over the coming years.

The beneficial way to approach this time period is to allow the added optimism and expansive energies to enrich our lives and open up doors. However, it is important to not overshoot the mark or to take unrealistic steps toward unattainable ends.

On a global level, note that new scientific advancements will be on their way soon too that promise to improve the lives of many. Expect new energy technologies to emerge that rapidly change the way we obtain and use energy. Also, expect surprises. Jupiter and Uranus can sometimes bring on big surprises that we did not see coming. That this current conjunction initiates at 0° Aries (a fiery sign) for the first time during the nuclear age, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw something quick and destructive during this period (i.e. nuclear attack, comet/meteor strike, widespread power outages from solar flares, etc.)

2010 will begin the process of unleashing all of the positive and negative potentials of this conjunction. Keep in mind that growth can be good and progressive technologies can be beneficial as well. But there are always downsides to rapidly infiltrating technologies and these must be recognized to maximize the benefits of this time period.

How might this be reflected in someone’s personal life?
From June 2010 through January 2011 expect to feel this rapid growth in your own life as well. Where this finds its way into your life depends on what part of your natal birth chart that this conjunction falls.

In my own chart, Jupiter and Uranus are meeting up in my 7th house of relationships, partners, and clients. I am bound to have brand new people coming into my life that offer a chance for expanding my horizons. But as much as I anticipate this, I realize that the ‘surprise factor’ is never truer than when dealing with this planetary configuration. I can try to predict how this will unravel in my life but the best thing I can do is just allow and be ready. Is this a marriage partner, a business partner, or something else? I just don’t know.

And so it is…

Are you interested in where this conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus will fall in your natal birth chart and what it may mean for you?

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Also, if you enjoyed the content of this type of article, please check back as I will be posting articles soon related to other planetary cycles which are at major turning points over the next few years as well. Stay tuned!

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