Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Astro Chris 2010 Forecast


Just like with the Moon’s phases, the other planetary bodies go through their own phases relative to the Earth. Like a New Moon, the start of any coupled planetary cycle begins with their conjunction (same location in the sky). As the faster planet moves away from the slower planet, eventually it comes to a 90° angle (waxing square) to it, followed by the 180° opposition (like a Full Moon), the second 90° angle (waning square), and then the cycle finishes when a new cycle between the planets is born at the next conjunction. See below for the basic outline of the process including the associated energy of each of these important climax points in the planetary cycles:

Conjunction (0°) – Birth and creation.

Waxing Square (90°) – Tension due to growth.

Oppostion (180°) – Culmination and results.

Waning Square (270°) – Tension due to decay.

USA Natal Chart (Sibley) (click to enlarge)


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Welcome to 2010


enjoy the ride!

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