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Child Potential Analysis: Sample


The natal chart is the cornerstone of all astrological analysis. It is a snapshot of the heavens at the time and place of birth. The natal chart for an individual reveals a plethora of information about the entity in terms of both their past incarnations and their intentions for this life. Unraveling the natal chart reveals unconscious motivations and patterns as well as the potential for growth in this life. The natal chart also shows us the perceptions through which the entity is likely to view his/her circumstances but it does not dictate decision-making. While the stage is set (as represented by the natal chart) and the acts are planned (as represented by the transiting planets over time), the lines spoken and actions taken by the participating entity are improvisational. This child has complete free will in terms of how he will engage with the world and how he will work with or against his perception of his unique circumstances.

Natal Chart (click to enlarge)


The horoscope chart is divided into four major quadrants. The cusps of the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses represent the dividing lines of these quadrants. The 1st house/7th house cusp line (bold horizontal line) represents the horizon. All planets above the horizon at the birth are above this line and all planets below the horizon are below this line in the chart. This line represents the divide between the inner and the outer focus of the individual.

In this chart, the number of planets are relatively equally distributed above and below the horizon line. However, there are more personal planets (inner planets) above the line and more transpersonal planets (outer planets) below the line. This would suggest that during the early part of life, in general, he will tend to make decisions based on outer motivations (i.e. laws, family, and friends) and based on what he perceives to be expected of him. However, with more outer planets below the horizon, this would suggest that with maturity, he will gain more of an ability to discern based on his own inner beliefs and yearnings without the need for outer approval. While this general progression with maturity is normal to a certain extent, in this case, the transition is likely to be more prominent.

In terms of the left and right sides of the chart, it is quite obvious that most of the planets are located on the left side. This suggests that he is someone who tends to be self-motivated in terms of taking action and making changes to his life direction. Unlike him, people with planets dominant on the right side of the chart usually get cues for life changes through the people in their lives rather than from inner yearnings.

Overall, we would say that he tends to be the initiator of his life direction and that he has a tendency in youth to judge his choices according to what he perceives is expected of him. Though as he matures, he is developing more of an ability to go forth with his own direction according to his own discernment and set of personal morals without as much of a need for outside approval.

Elements & Qualities

Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac has one element and one quality associated with it. The elements include fire, earth, air, and water while the qualities include cardinal, fixed, and mutable.

In terms of the elements, he is dominated by fire energy, has moderate water energy, and is relatively lacking some earth and air energy. Fire is the energy of inspiration and creativity while water is the energy of the soul and emotional realm. Earth is the energy of practicality and order and air is the energy of intellect and sociability. He is likely to have an easier time with the more abstract and artistic realms while potentially struggling with the common sense or ‘down to earth’ logical realms. He is likely to attract partners and friends who exhibit the earth and air energy that he lacks (practicality and logic). He is not without these energies but just has less access to these energies than he does with the fire and water energies (inspiration, intuition, and empathy).

In terms of the qualities, he is dominated by mutable energy, has average cardinal energy, and is relatively lacking in fixed energy. Cardinal energy has to do with leading, and starting new projects. Fixed energy has to do with loyalty and sticking with things which have already started and seeing them through to the end. Mutable energy has to do with flexibility and the ability to adjust midstream in life. In general, we would say that he has ample access to the energy to get new projects off the ground but once they are in motion he has difficulty sticking with them as he is easily distracted and more interested in adjusting current ideas and projects or starting new ones then he is with finishing what he has started.

His dominant energies are mutable and fire which are represented by the sign of Sagittarius while his most hidden energies are fixed and air which are represented by the sign of Aquarius. His chart then has a Sagittarius sub-tone and an Aquarius deaf-tone. This means that the Sagittarian qualities of open-mindedness, courageousness, and wanderlust are out in the open while the Aquarian qualities of unconventionality, unique creativity, and individuality are more hidden within his overall personality. For example, he may have no problem being first in line but he may struggle to go forth with his own individuality and instead conform to the crowd. He is likely to attract people into his life through friends and relationships who exemplify the Aquarian qualities that he perceives himself to be lacking. But as we will see further in this report, developing his more unconventional side is a very important part of his life path.

The Ascendant (or Rising Sign)

Most people are familiar with their astrological Sun-signs which are based on what month of the year you are born for the most part. But most people are unaware of their ascendant sign which is the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth. In the natal chart, this is the sign which is where the 1st house begins. The ascendant, or rising sign, represents our ‘front door’. It represents how we present ourselves to people when they first meet us and is used by us as a shield, or a mask. It represents how we perceive we are supposed to be in order to be accepted by our family, friends, and anyone else in our lives.

In this chart, we see that the sign of Sagittarius was rising on the eastern horizon at the time of his birth. Sagittarius is an outgoing, freedom-loving, and honest to a fault type of energy. But it can also be flighty and neglectful of details. Somewhere along the line, he is likely to perceive that being an outgoing freedom-loving trailblazer that approaches life openly is the ‘acceptable’ way to be. He may perceive that releasing details and freeing himself of commitments will yield ‘freedom and flexibility’…a highly valued quality in his perception. Also, because he presents himself this way, most people would describe him as such upon meeting him. They would say that he is courageous and fun-loving but not someone they would rely on for practical things like remembering to bring the map for the road trip or to pick them up at the airport, for example.

Pluto, Jupiter, and the Sun are all within orb of a conjunction with his Ascendant at 27° 27’ Sagittarius. This adds a very exuberant, intense, strong, and ambitious layer to his Sagittarian character. He has the potential to yield great power and influence amongst his peers but at the same time he may be subject to the powers of others when he is experiencing more vulnerable states. Opposing his Ascendant and the aforementioned planetary bodies is a retrograde Mars in the 7th house. This suggests that the energy of others will be a great influence on him in both positive and negative ways. He may derive creative inspiration from the people in his environment or be spurred into action and confrontation by them. It may also be the case that he has the power and ability to direct the energies of others through advice or other kinds of communication or action. With all of this energy in Sagittarius (sign dealing with seeing the big picture and teaching) he may eventually find that teaching, guidance, or counseling of some kind are appropriate paths for his energies.

His perceived way of presenting himself will develop over time through interaction with family and other people in his life. On an esoteric level, Sagittarian energy is the energy that he has chosen to develop in this life and the circumstances that he finds himself in help him to create this persona as a way of delving into this energetic experience. As a parent, it is important to allow the development of this mask by encouraging its potential positive qualities. In his particular case, his Sun sign (inner self) is also Sagittarius so encouraging the positive side of that energy is even more important for him to appreciate and value his true inner self as well.

The Moon

If anyone is able to penetrate the mask and enter through our front door then this is where people meet up with our ‘burglar alarm’. The Moon in our charts represents our unconscious programming and our reactive instincts when we feel threatened or worse; when we feel vulnerable. It also represents are perceived needs in order to feel safe.

With this chart, the Moon was in the sign of Capricorn (22° 13’) at the time of his birth. This complicates his personality as the freedom-loving energy of his Sagittarian Ascendant is challenged by a dourer, realistic, and pragmatic unconscious reaction pattern represented by Capricorn. Despite initially coming off in a courageous and happy-go-lucky manner, when he is at his most vulnerable, he will insist on structure and predictability and will feel most comforted when he perceives that his actions have practical purpose and are planned well. The Moon’s house placement accentuates these matters as it is found in the 1st house of self-image and personality which intensifies the unconscious expression. Here it is not forming any major aspects to other planets but is forming a minor aspect (135°) to Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) in the 8th house of the subconscious realm suggesting a complex emotional nature that is present right on the surface.

Those people in his life that only know him superficially will no doubt see the Sagittarian side of his nature while those who become close to him will certainly experience the more Capricorn aspect to his unconscious programming. He may initially approach something with a can-do, happy-go-lucky attitude and then suddenly find that he is not comfortable unless there is some predictability with his new venture leaving him feeling stuck-in-the-mud at times. Understanding that he is sensitive to structure and order even when he moves forward without it is a key step in uniting his inner dichotomy. For example, he would have no problem being the first to land on Mars but on an unconscious level he would need to know that the landing itself has a tangible purpose (like gathering resources) and is not just a gimmick or a publicity stunt. In whatever way this Capricorn Moon finds expression in his life, it will serve as his grounding cord into the physical world.

The Sun

Imagine a life without fear or the need to protect ourselves. Imagine if we perceived that it was ‘okay’ to come across as who we really are inside. In that imaginary life we would come across with our true inner essence which is represented by our Sun sign energy. The Sun represents our ‘true self’ and the life force from which our embers burn. The greatest gift that we can offer the world would be to fully express our Sun energy and use it in the most positive way that we can.

In this chart, the Sun was in Sagittarius (20° 9’) at the time of his birth. Of course this is the same energy that we spoke of in terms of his Ascendant, or mask. This means that his core self is fairly represented by the way that he perceives he needs to come across to people through his Ascendant. However, having this Sagittarian Sun in his 12th house is like hiding or storing away some of this pure freedom-loving energy. Despite perceiving that his inner nature is ‘ok’ to show to the world, there is a sense of holding his cards close to his chest which can come off as shyness in youth. Part of this shyness can be due to such keen perceptions of the wants and needs of the masses and of those people in his environment. As time goes on, he may find that he can apply his compassionate nature to activities that help the suffering of the masses that affects him so deeply.

The Sun forms a conjunction with Pluto, Jupiter, and Mercury. This adds a layer of intensity, depth, and introspection to his core-self while Jupiter enhances his Sagittarian qualities. As mentioned in the section regarding his Ascendant, he has the potential to yield great power for better or for worse. Also, a square (90°) from the Sun/Mercury conjunction in his 12th house to Uranus on his 3rd house cusp suggests that he may receive information from unconventional mediums and that he may be reluctant to share his unique and creative ideas at least initially in life. His thinking may be very progressive even at an early age and he may fear a lack of acceptance in sharing his thoughts. Finally, a sextile (60°) from the Sun/Mercury conjunction in his 12th house to Neptune in his 2nd house reveals an idealistic and non-materialistic kind of ‘new age’ thinking.

In the spring of 2015, when he is 7 years old, the Progressed Sun will cross his natal Ascendant heralding a time of blossoming into his creative self. If these unconventional communication mediums were of the psychic variety, for example, then this may be a time when his abilities begin to reveal themselves. One way or another, this time will be seen as a ‘coming out of his shell’ kind of time period.

With the combination of his Ascendant, Moon, and Sun energies he may come across as generous and gregarious yet he would only be revealing a portion of his true nature in the process. But yet his unconscious needs are to keep things under control and conceal the zeal that lies just beneath the surface. This combination engenders to me the image of a character like Mr. Darcy from “Pride and Prejudice”. He may appear cold at times while he is, in actuality, making decisions based on a true spirit of generosity and compassion.

Images of the Masculine and the Feminine

In most cases, our images of the masculine and the feminine are developed through our perception of our parental figures. Like us, our parental figures are complex and dynamic but there are always those parts of them that seem to stick out more significantly to us. We will often even disagree with our siblings in terms of our primary perceptions of our parents as well. While there is no overarching objective description of our masculine and feminine influences found in our birth charts, there exists the subjective impression and our personal perception of those influences.

In his chart, the Sun is in Sagittarius in the 12th house and it is conjunct Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto and the Ascendant. It is also in a square to Uranus and a sextile to Neptune. These configurations beget a perception of a father figure/masculine influence with a powerful, freedom-loving, and intelligent disposition that somehow sacrificed or locked away these traits in a closet of sorts out of fear or obligation. This could be the perception of a masculine influence that desires to travel and/or to expand his mind in some way but sacrifices it for a family or because he fears his creative input is not acceptable, for example. To the child, it could appear that the masculine image involves some kind of hiding of one’s true self. I am speculating, of course, but my point is that his image of the masculine is that of a very powerful and generous energy that is partially hidden out of fear of disapproval of some kind. He may also be physically/emotionally unattainable at times. This image then acts as a mirror for the child’s understanding of his own masculine energies.

The Moon is in Capricorn in the 1st house and forms no major aspects to other planets. However it forms a complex minor aspect to Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) in the 8th house and a creative quintile (72°) to Venus in the 10th house. This conjures up the perception of the mother figure who stresses hard work and sacrifice as primary virtues of living well. The mother figure is perceived as the grounding cord that brings him back to ‘reality’ which can sometimes be interpreted as a cold and unforgiving place. The mother figure is also the more prominent influence in his life and his perception of her as the primary influence may lead to him taking on some of her emotional work as his own out of a sense of loyalty. He may perceive the mother figure as someone who is ‘blocking’ his creative expression at times but, with age, he may perceive that her insistence on tangibility actually served him with a constructive avenue for his creative expression. This image then acts as a mirror for the child’s understanding of his own feminine energies.

His parental influences are obviously more dynamic than these simple descriptions but he picks up on these particular ‘parts’ of his parental influences because these qualities are mirrors for his own inner imbalances and life’s work. It is impossible to see our own face without a mirror, and our parental influences often play this reflective role for the purpose of our own inner recognition. Regardless of how a parent tries to adjust for this, the child will still become aware of the parts of their parents which represent those parts within themselves.

His Resume

There are some clues in a natal chart as to what themes have been prevalent in the person’s past before the current incarnation. Any karmic issues (energetic imbalances) are revealed and often present themselves in our lives for the purpose of resolution, or alignment.

His chart indicates a past where he has had power over others and where precision, structure, and overwork were common expressions for him. This explains why he often obsesses about structure in order (which seems out of character for him) at times when he feels vulnerable. He has likely held positions of leadership where he directed people through periods of hard work. For example, he could have been a foreman on large projects requiring large amounts of labor as in the building of the Egyptian pyramids or the Roman aqueducts. He brings into this life the ability to wield power again and also an innate ability to transmit information. At some point in his life he has the potential to deliver a powerful message or to be a powerful speaker or writer but not before some introspection and a period of shyness to develop his inner spiritual premise.

He brings some karma into this life with him as well which relates to his tenacious work ethic that possibly neglected the value of his workers beyond their value as purely the methods of production. Due to this overwork of himself and the overwork he may have put onto others, he now has trouble with motivation at times which may plague him for most of his life. The intent of this lack of motivation is to teach him how to redirect his energies away from physical outlets and into more creative outlets. He may start off his life in a very physically robust manner but may eventually wear easily and become injury-prone in sports, for example.

He is learning how to use his creative energy toward more intangible and non-physical outlets. He is also learning how to value more intangible things. Early in life he may have trouble feeling as though his creations have value unless they are physical and tangible. But overtime he will learn that there is value in more spiritual and intangible aspects of life.

His Contract

The natal chart can also serve as a contract for the current life in terms of intentions and growth. Parts of our contract deal with balancing out our karma from the past while other parts deal with breaking new ground and having new experiences.

The biggest theme of his contract involves letting go of power and control over others and embracing the more spiritual and abstract sides of life by discovering value in these aspects of life. His contract suggests that his intention involves developing more of the trail-blazer and leadership type of energy that already exists within him from previous life work. But now he is to re-focus the energy by directing his own life toward learning about letting go and learning about the big picture and what the deeper meanings are behind his experiences. In doing so, he is learning how to develop compassion and to then help others with the intention of leading others toward more spiritual paths.

His first step is to learn about his own creative value in the non-physical realms and then to pass that information onto others. Some people choose a physical challenge or a physical ailment in order to get in touch with the non-physical realm and to find value in it. But this does not need to be the case. Through some method, he will learn that the physical realm of contact, force, and competition is not where he will find his truth. Eventually he will learn how to let go of the need to control and he will allow the process of sharing power with others to enter his life. Through this process of sharing power with others and letting go he will learn how to recognize value in those things that are not things at all.

His Gifts & Challenges

This child is a courageous and fun-loving trailblazer of a soul who has the power to lead others toward their highest good. He has a unique and creative mind that is way ahead of his time but it can be a challenge to reveal his powerful truth. He may also at times feel threatened or challenged by the very people he is trying to assist. That is why it is very important that he is assisting people with the appropriate intention and not for his own gain. Falling back into habits of power and control over people will only lead him to unnecessary confrontation.

His creative abilities have great potential as long as they are grounded into an expression that creates value. But he will have to be the one to assess the value of his creations. He needs to face the scrutiny of conventionality before he can accept the genius of his own unconventionality. Once he can accept that he thinks differently than others and that his creations do not necessarily have to be tangible to have value, he can find a higher purpose for his ideas.

As his compassion develops, he will be able to generate inspiration from others that will keep him on task toward leading them down their intended spiritual path. Focusing his mind and his core being on compassion and the bigger picture view of things will help him to balance the inner battle between conventionality and unconventionality that exists within him. This will also give him a channel for his creative potential. While he has a great capacity for eventually leading others down their spiritual paths, he must first find his own way. Only then can he truly be leading them for their own good. He will know when he is leading people out of his own ego or when it is for their own good by the way that people are reacting to him. If others seem to be a source of confrontation then he needs to reassess his intentions. But if others are a source of inspiration then this is an indication that he is on beneficial path toward spiritual leadership.

And so it is…

Readers, this was sample of what a Child Potential Analysis can offer you. If you’re interested in a complete analysis for your child or someone you know, please contact me at:


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